Obana Unagi is a 1-star Michelin eel restaurant that waits in a 3-hour queue!

Obana Unagi is a 1-star Michelin eel restaurant that waits in a 3-hour queue!
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Another destination of our visit to Japan this time. It cannot be denied that it is a return to love at first sight! I don’t mean people. But it’s an eel rice restaurant! After three years, we returned and visited Obana Unagi, a Michelin 1-star eel rice restaurant. This time we queued for more than 3 hours!!! This is one of the oldest eel restaurants in Tokyo. Large pieces of specially selected eel grilled to a tender texture—mellow taste in every bite. We were served in a premium glazed square-shaped rice box. Eating together with Japanese rice is so fun that I want to ask for another box of double!

Japanese eel menu or another familiar name is Unagi (Unagi), one of Japan’s most popular menu items that have been popular for a long time. This menu says that it has a very high nutritional value and Contains fatty acids that are good for the body. As for the deliciousness, it’s not worth mentioning. Because it’s so delicious that we can convince people like us to keep going repeatedly, get Kabayaki sauce (Kabayaki) to apply on the juicy grilled eel, the taste is sweet and mellow. Let me tell you that one dish is never enough.

Obana Unagi, the original eel rice bowl restaurant Premium quality from Tokyo. A 1-star Michelin award guarantees deliciousness, and the queue for people queuing up to eat is also long >< which is if anyone wants to eat at this restaurant. Let me tell you that there is no room to reserve the queue first. If you want to eat, you have to walk in—the queue in front of the shop by myself. We waited for about 3 hours, and the queue was quite long.

This restaurant opens twice a day. The first round opens from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM. The second round opens at 4:00 PM – 7:30 PM. (the queue is quite long and open for only two rounds per day)

The atmosphere around this restaurant is shady. Covered with large, green trees, so it is comfortable for the eyes to look around, giving a simple atmosphere that maintains the old traditional Japanese style. The inside is divided into proportional seats.

The recommended menu of the restaurant is undeniable that it has to be eel! We ordered a box of eel rice each, medium and large, served in a beautiful box. The most noticeable difference is the size of the eel, with the giant eel slightly larger. But the softness of a million levels or the crown’s juiciness tell me that the color is even, second to none!

Specially selected eel rice bowl for 6,300 yen. (L) / 5,300 yen (M) I immediately opened the box. Let me tell you that you can smell the aroma of the grilled eel. Grilled hot and Coated with a rich sauce, sweet aroma, and mellow taste. Eat it and enjoy the texture of the fish that is tender and juicy. The sauce marinated well into the meat. Eat with soft Japanese rice. Very fit, Finished off with hot miso soup. Gently sip until satisfying

Obana-Unagi japan Minami-Senju station Japanese food

Another thing that cannot be mentioned. And what makes us want to return is U-Maki or omelet stuffed with Japanese eel. Each piece is 2,500 yen (about 655 baht). Freshly made omelet. Served in large pieces, hot and just right, soft and smooth texture, fragrant eel, so delicious that I want to order another piece!

After eating, it’s time for a blackout, haha. All reservations for this meal are 22,770 yen (about 5,805 baht). I can tell you that this restaurant is delicious. The wallet is light! They have many menus that are delicious and famous. But in exchange for a great price But how expensive is it? People were still queuing up before the store opened, and it was crowded. If you come late, you won’t eat for sure.


How are you with Obana? From the taste is already delicious. Guarantee that you will be able to feel the original old atmosphere from this shop as well. Come to sit and eat, it helps to increase the taste of eating food as well. Back in Thailand, I still miss the taste of eel here. Who has an eel rice restaurant that tastes great? Come and tell each other. As for anyone who goes to Japan, you must try it.

Unagi Obana

Closed until 11:30 (UTC+7)

5-chōme-33-1 Minamisenju, Arakawa City, Tokyo 116-0003 ญี่ปุ่น






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