Nano Roti, a favorite among the children of KMUTNB. Crispy roti, soft, delicious, fragrant.

Nano Roti, a favorite among the children of KMUTNB. Crispy roti, soft, delicious, fragrant.

Late night dessert must be roti only. Today, Pang brought everyone to Nano Roti, King Mongkut’s favorite roti restaurant in North Bangkok. Juicy roti, filled with fillings, are very satisfying. There are many types of fillings to choose from, but the first stand is the lava family. The whole sheet is large, thick, soft, and full of filling. full Foodies like us, who will be able to resist this kind of encounter?

Nano Roti, a great roti shop that King Mongkut’s children of North Bangkok gave it as a sweet favorite. The trick of the shop is that they have many toppings for us to choose from. Each page is full. Put it in a clump. Good smell. Sweet and oily. Every time you come, you have to buy it all the time. Starting to open from 7 pm today, don’t wait. Let’s get powder. 4 types. Let’s see what will be?

Complete with the first trick Banana lava + Golden threads This one is that they will fry both sides perfectly. large banana and sweet potato threads Topped with chocolate. Very satisfying.

Lava Banana+Foi Thong Two Tone. This one will be fried on one side. The other side is fresh roti with soft and chewy texture. Finn didn’t lose the first one. Crispy and chewy in the same word, must try.

The next one will be a plain, thick and soft roti. I will say that the sheet is very large. And thick and soft, very satisfying, ordinary but truly special. I like that he doesn’t skimp on the machine at all. Pour full sheet of condensed milk bite any word Who is the type of powder that doesn’t focus on toppings? I think this one should not be missed!

The last one is full, non-stop. Corn Roti + Raisin + Egg For this menu, the roti will be crispy. The raisin corn filling is firm and dense. When eating together, you will get the crunchy texture of sweet corn. mixed with the soft, chewy, sweet and sour taste of raisins Let me tell you that it’s very satisfying. You must come and get it.

Who is a slave to sweets? Roti Lover Pang recommends that you should come and try Nano Roti, a favorite restaurant of the University of Rajabhat University. Each page is that they are very filling. Eat together as a gang, both fun and delicious. The restaurant is located in Soi Wong Sawang 11. If you want to try it, don’t forget to order the popular lava menu. This shop is great.

  • Nano Roti, Soi Wong Sawang 11
  • Open daily from 19.00 – 02.00

นาโนโรตี ซอยไฮโซ

Closed until 19:00 (UTC+7)

296 ถนน วงศ์สว่าง แขวงวงศ์สว่าง เขตบางซื่อ กรุงเทพมหานคร 10800






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