Mor Moo Dong, the ultimate southern local restaurant Come to Phuket and don’t miss it!

Mor Moo Dong, the ultimate southern local restaurant Come to Phuket and don’t miss it!
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Take me to follow in the footsteps of great restaurants in Phuket that everyone recommends that it’s delicious, thumbs up! Mor Moo Dong: This restaurant’s name may sound a bit strange. But it’s a restaurant that Phuket locals recommend that the taste is really hot. The menu of this restaurant collects the local food of Phuket people. and a rare menu that some people may not be familiar with before But if you come and try it, you will be fascinated by each other. In addition, the store has also won the Michelin Users’Choice Top Experiece In Local’s List 2019 – 2022 award. It shows that the taste is definitely not normal.

Moo Dong

Mor Mu Dong, this name has its origins. It comes from the shop owner’s nickname, Doctor. Combined with the name of Khlong Mudong, which is located under the canopy of the mangrove forest. It’s a bit strange but easy to remember. Familiar. It’s a simple local restaurant. Out of the hut, a small wooden pavilion in the middle of the water shady atmosphere because it is surrounded by big trees The seating area is quite large enough. Supporting customers who come together as a family I wouldn’t be able to talk about food. because they use really fresh ingredients There is a pond to catch and cook dish by dish.

As for the menu of the Mor Mu Dong restaurant. It will be in a local style, mostly the doctor invented and cooked the recipe himself. It has a unique delicious taste. Which we have prepared a great menu that you must try. I can say that I was not disappointed. Let’s get to know the menu in the restaurant at the same time. Let’s do it better.

Moo Dong

The first menu is bold. Don’t tell anyone. Deep-fried eggplant with spices (150 baht) is a must-try for spicy eaters. It will be a soft eggplant. (If you don’t eat eggplant, you can eat it.) Fragrant smell of curry paste that has been stir-fried together. Topped on top is crispy chilli paste, very tasty, but also very spicy. Anyone who likes spicy flavor must try it.

This menu is considered the main menu of the restaurant. It has arrived. Must order. Don’t miss out on stuffed fish (80 baht each) made from crayfish that have been scraped off the bone. leave only the skin and then take the fish Go for a spin, it’s curry paste. then stuffed into the fish Deep-fried until crispy and can be eaten whole Inside is fish meat that is bouncy, chewy, fragrant, curry paste, similar to deep-fried fish cakes, delicious and enjoyable to eat.

Stir-Fried Bitter Clams with Cha Phlu (150 baht) Crispy fresh mussels without the fishy smell. Stir-fried with concentrated curry sauce. Don’t tell anyone. Fragrant, both the machine and the coconut shell cracked Eat together, the mellow flavors go together very well.

Chop Pu (350 baht) Ordered to eat lightly as an appetizer and to spice it up too, 555. This one came in a very large piece. Bigger than other shops that I’ve seen in a short fort. Cut out the crab filling, which is focused, firm, full of words. Very crispy, delicious, just right Bite into any word and find it.

The last menu is boiled liang leaves in coconut milk Local vegetable menu of the southern people oily leaves This one is coconut milk soup, fragrant, salty, sweet and mellow. get the richness from coconut milk The sauce is not spicy and not as greasy as you think. And finally, wash your mouth with light fruits, guava and pineapple, along with the restaurant’s recipe sauce. It’s so delicious that I have to ask for a double. The shop will serve it as an appetizer. You can keep it for the last time as well, it’s very refreshing.

If anyone likes local southern restaurants The taste is spicy and spicy, typical of southerners who really eat it. for Mor Mu Dong shop Considered to be a good answer, whether you come alone or come together as a family. It’s full and delicious. If you go during the holidays, you may have to wait in line for a bit. But it’s definitely worth the deliciousness.

  • Mor Mu Dong is in Soi Palai. Chaofa East Road, Phuket
  • Open daily from 10.00-09.30

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Closed until 10:00 (UTC+7)

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