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Ban Khaek Fried Pork

#Fried pork at Ban Khaek The fried pork menu is very delicious, full of fried pork, crispy pork, so satisfying, how can you miss it?

Today I take everyone to eat fried pork. At Ban Khaek fried pork restaurant Ban Khaek intersection branch. It’s fried pork with a special recipe of the restaurant. There are both lean pork and pork belly with fat on the skin. It can be said that it answers the most questions. People who don’t eat it can order it. As for the dipping sauce, Available for you to choose from. Spicy sauce, pickled fish, various fresh vegetables. You can scoop it yourself.

Ban Khaek Fried Pork Ban Khaek Intersection Branch
⏰ Open everyday 07.00-23.00

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