Moo Daeng’s Ampwa ตลาดจ๊อดแฟร์ #ของหวาน

Moo Daeng’s Ampwa Market Fair

#MooDaengsAmpwa weird popsicles jod fair
Legendary ice cream shop for more than 15 years from Amphawa!!

❤️‍ Everyone! Anyone who likes to try strange things must try this shop at Moodaeng’s Ampwa at Jod Fair Market. His super popular ice cream menu is trending right now. And food lovers like us or will miss it! The shop is that there are many menus to choose from. The owner of the shop told me that during the COVID Amphawa is relatively quiet. Therefore, try to use various ingredients from Amphawa to make ice cream to attract customers. Until now, selling at Jod Fair and his recommended menu is pan pork ice cream Mango with Sweet Fish Sauce Krathon with sweet fish sauce, salted mackerel, there are many other menus. In addition, the merchant also secretly whispered that soon there will be curry and shabu flavored ice cream. It’s not strange that I brought a pen to circle!

Menu ordered today

pan pork ice cream This cup is a piece of pork. Use grilled pork and bacon. It’s a grilled pork feed, but it’s cold. The taste is a bit confusing, haha. strange fit So, if anyone likes to try strange things, go try it.

Salted Mackerel Ice Cream For this menu, the merchant said that the mackerel was boiled for about 20 hours in order to have the least fishy smell. The taste is weird too, haha. Fish fillet in pieces but no fishy smell But after eating, I knew it was mackerel, very strange, mom!

Mango ice cream + santol sweet fish sauce Personally, I like this menu. Weirdly delicious. sweet fish sauce, big dried shrimp The ice cream is mango and santon flavors, a bit sour. Being a fruit, it doesn’t go against the ice cream flavor. Let’s try it.

Moo Daeng’s Ampwa Shop, JodFair Market
⏰ Open everyday from 18.00-23.00

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