Review Moo Yoo, the best menu is Croffle. I can say that you should not miss it!

Review Moo Yoo, the best menu is Croffle. I can say that you should not miss it!
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Moo Yoo, a minimalist white café, the best menu is Croffle. You should not miss it. The shop has a good atmosphere. There are many photo angles, the shop is beautiful, white, very minimal style.

As for the menu that Pang ordered today Let me tell you that it’s a lot ^^


The overall flour is crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, chewy and chewy. Charcoal flour is a little bit sticky. but not very sticky The taste of the flour is a little sweet because before going into the oven, they have mixed it with sugar. gives us the sweet taste of light sugar

  • Classic (75 baht) This one will get the taste of flour mixed with sugar, full of sweet smell, very delicious.
  • Black Matcha (140 baht) Fragrant powder, fragrant green tea powder, sweet milk poured over the dough. But it’s just the right amount of sweetness, not too sweet.
  • Almond (95 baht) has a slightly sweet taste of icing sugar, not too sweet, crunchy almond on the dough. Bite and feel very satisfied.


  • Coconut Croissant (110 baht), sweet, fragrant, delicious, smooth on the tongue
  • Matcha Croissant (140 baht) smells of green tea, mildly sweet, smooth on the tongue. Eat together with a matcha latte drink. Very satisfying.

Moo Yoo drink

  • My Rose (85 baht) has a rosy, floral aroma with a slightly sour taste, followed by a fizz of soda.
  • Cappuccino (85 baht) without bitterness, sweet aroma, perfectly oily (medium roast).
  • Mu Yu Signature Matcha Latte (110 baht), the smell of green tea is clear, not sweet, the aroma of green tea sticks to the mouth. milk oiliness be a signature Green Tea Croissant with Matcha Green Tea There is a perfect match. The fragrance is very green tea as the name suggests. Green tea line, don’t miss it.
  • Yuzu Sparkling (85 baht) has a fizz of soda. Comes with yuzu beef no bitter taste The scent of Yuzu is clear, sweet, and perfect with soda.

The shop has a parking lot. But during this time, customers are not allowed to sit and eat at the restaurant. It will be take away instead.

? MooYoo Bang Len Nakhon Pathom
⏰ Open everyday from 09.00 – 18.00


Closed until 09:00 (UTC+7)

นฐ.3004 ตำบล นราภิรมย์ อำเภอบางเลน นครปฐม 73130

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