Grandma’s Fried Pork, Charoennakorn location Crispy batter recipe from Heng Fried Hoi Chawlay!

Grandma’s Fried Pork, Charoennakorn location Crispy batter recipe from Heng Fried Hoi Chawlay!

Everyone, today, Pang brought everyone to try delicious food at Moo Tod Khun Yai restaurant in Charoen Nakhon area. Newly opened shop Use the crispy batter recipe from Heng Fried Hoi Chawlay. Every dish is freshly fried just like grandma made it! Comes with a special spicy sauce from Grandma. What is so satisfying is that there are so many menus to choose from. Who is looking for a great restaurant, come and try it quickly!

Charoennakorn has another great restaurant worth trying, Fried Pork with Grandma, a newly opened restaurant that I can tell you that fried pork lovers should go and try it! Who likes crispy fried pork inside, soft and juicy meat? intense taste Can marinate up to the machine Let me tell you that you won’t be disappointed. Inside the restaurant, the atmosphere is very pleasant, open, comfortable, plus there are many menus to choose from. Importantly, here they use a great crispy batter recipe from Heng Hoi Tod Chao Lay. Long-lasting guarantee Chew thin powder, enjoy!

The first menu we ordered was 3 kinds of fried pork rice. Deep fried pork lovers must love this dish! 3 pieces of fried pork. Let’s go. Pork neck, pork belly and baby ribs. intense taste marinate into the meat smell of spices It’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Served with a large boiled egg Served with spicy dipping sauce, it’s perfect. Good smell, delicious.

Anyone who is a three-tier line must be hit! Fried pork belly with fish sauce + fresh vegetables Juicy deep-fried pork belly, served hot, very fragrant fish sauce, fragrant, juicy, tender pork, delicious, not hard at all. They sprinkle crispy fried shallots to eat together. If you like the spicy flavor, you can top it with the spicy sauce and eat it together. It’s really cool!

Grandma's Fried Pork

Anyone who visits the Charoen Nakhon area If you want to try and find something delicious to eat, Fried Pork with Grandma is another restaurant that is a good choice. There are many menus to choose from. Next to it is a spicy salad restaurant. You can order to eat together. Add more freshness and boldness! Don’t miss it

  • Khun Yai’s fried pork shop, Charoen Nakorn 21, next to the Shell Charoen Nakorn gas station. (same restaurant as Yum Saap Ar Muay)
  • Open daily from 10.00 – 22.00


Open until 21:00 (UTC+7)

1349 ซอย เจริญนคร 21 แขวงบางลำภูล่าง เขตคลองสาน กรุงเทพมหานคร 10600






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