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Grilled pork at the entrance of Soi Itsaraphap 21

#Grilled pork, 3.50 baht per stick, at the entrance of Soi Isaraphap 21, spicy seafood sauce – sweet sauce Grilled pork line, don’t miss it!

Let’s eat grilled pork today, everyone. Let me tell you that it’s selling very well. People were queuing up for a long time and it was all gone. It’s a street food restaurant that’s worth a try. Fragrant grilled pork There are 2 types of dipping sauces to choose from: seafood dipping sauce and sweet dipping sauce. But whoever orders it together will be delicious in another way.

Pork restaurant at the entrance of Soi Itsaraphap 21
⏰ Open every day except Monday 5:00 p.m.-until sold out

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