Curry Rice Full of rice and curry restaurant. Full of meat. Big words.

Curry Rice Full of rice and curry restaurant. Full of meat. Big words.

Curry Rice Great menu! There are single dishes, there are sets, and they can also be served hot. Mom Tad Daek Curry Rice Shop There are quite a lot of menus to choose from. And the restaurant said that the menu of the restaurant focuses on cleanliness, safety, and hygienic meat. and without MSG

Rice and curry with 1 dish, starting at 50 baht. I really like that there are so many menus to choose from. Come in and have a hard time thinking about what to eat. I want that one, I want this one, hahaha. But another thing that I like is that there is a set menu. Because Pang is someone who likes to eat rice topped with 2 or more things, and it would be good to have a soup to sip as well, very smoothly.

The menu that Pang has tried today starts at

hot menu Curry Rice

Crab Jok

massaman lamb shank

Kaki Pa Lo

Fried snakehead fish belly

Soft Shell Crab with Chili and Salt

Salted Egg Squid

set menu

Fried Rice with Red Chili Paste

Red Wine Chicken Thigh Pasta

Naan Bread Massaman Beef Drumstick

Steamed Rice with Kua Kling Omelet

Chicken Thigh Green Curry Pasta

Currently, there are 6 branches ready to serve and 8 more branches will open soon.

Now available at all 6 branches

  • 1. PTT branch Outbound Bangna open 07:00-19:00
  • 2. Kaset-Nawamin Branch Open for service 08:00-16:00
  • 3. PTT branch Wang Noi opens 08:00-16:00
  • 4. PTT branch Saraphi, Chiang Mai, open 07:00-19:00
  • 5. PTT branch Bangna – Inbound, open 07:00-19:00
  • 6. PTT branch, Bang Bua Thong – Suphan Buri km. 2

branch that will open soon

  • 7. Phutthamonthon Sai 4 Branch
  • 8. PTT Hi-Tech Bang Pa-In branch opens for service April 8, 2021
  • 9. PTT branch Ratchaphruek
  • 10. PTT Branch, Mittraphap, Saraburi
  • 11. ESSO Wang Manao Branch
  • 12. PTT Sriracha Branch
  • 13. PTT branch, Pattaya, Jomtien
  • 14. PTT branch, Khao Thong, Nakhon Sawan, open for service on 9 May 2021


Open until 19:00 (UTC+7)

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