Misakiko, a popular conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Harajuku Fresh, is worth every plate!

Misakiko, a popular conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Harajuku Fresh, is worth every plate!
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Is there anyone who likes sushi menus like powder? Coming to Japan this time, I can say that I have to eat raw fish! And I will tell you that they have conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Japan. Open for service a lot. Almost every corner of the city must have this shop. Today, let’s get to know Misakiko, a conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Harajuku, on Soi Takeshita Street, served on a rotating conveyor belt to us in front of us. They were selected from excellent and fresh ingredients. With delicious toppings to choose from, enjoy eating too delicious But be careful, it’s too much fun!

Misakiko Sushi

In Japan, Another menu that should not be missed when visiting here is Sushi (Sushi), a popular national menu famous worldwide. This time, we brought you to know Misakiko Sushi, a popular conveyor belt sushi restaurant (KAITENZUSHI) in Harajuku, a delicious restaurant at a price that doesn’t burn your wallet. Medium-large inside. There are quite a lot of tables to sit at and eat. At the front, a conveyor belt is for delivering sushi to the table. You can choose to pick it up as you like. Or request to order in the way you want to eat. It’s convenient.

I saw it served in a conveyor belt (KAITENZUSHI). But, honestly, I enjoyed it in another way as well. You can see a variety of menus. Grab any dish you like. I haven’t seen some menu items. Being able to pick up and try something new is also considered the charm of the Sai Pran sushi restaurant’s deliciousness.

Misakiko Sushi Conveyor Belt Sushi KAITENZUSHI Takeshita Street Harajuku

Inside the restaurant, there is a wide variety of sushi menus to choose from. As seen from the menu, there are almost 100 menus ever. As for the price of each menu, it depends on the color of the plate. A little premium menu Prices are upgraded according to raw materials. In addition, conveyor belt sushi restaurants here don’t just have sushi menus, ramen menus, desserts, and drinks. It’s ready to serve. Each menu item looks delicious!

Each menu we ordered said that the premium ones looked delicious! The starting price is comfortable at 110 yen (around 28 baht). It’s considered cute and likable >< Every dish is freshly made at the shop. Served on a high-speed train and delivered directly to the table. Let me tell you that I had to pick up my camera and take a picture. The train is so cute! Each menu says that it should not be missed, whether it’s a family of salmon, tuna, or maguro, to premium toppings like uni or sea urchin, a favorite menu no matter where you go to a Japanese restaurant, you must order!

After completing all orders, We don’t talk much about making music. Grab your trusty chopsticks and start eating! The first word I ate in my favorite dish, Uni, was succulent! Sweet and fragrant, it melts in the mouth. The texture is smooth and smooth until you want to repeat it. Delicious, fresh ingredients, good quality. My hands are busy this meal Because I press to order a lot, everyone!

Eat without waiting for anyone. Eat repeatedly until your stomach is complete because the chefs here make Khao Kham Yai. Put a thick topping. I want to suggest who is a raw fish type. Whether it’s salmon, tuna, or raw fish, including clams, and squid, I think they’re well made, clean, fresh, and not fishy. The menu can be ordered from the computer screen on the table. The advantage is that you can get all the items according to the ordered amount. As for this meal, it’s completely gone, 7,513 yen (about 1,940 baht).


The dough is delicious and complete for a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, Misakiko. The restaurant is comfortable, with plenty of seating, and there is a monitor to order the menu. Notably, there are many menus to choose from as well. Anyone who wants to come and try it, I recommend you to click on the map because when the dough is there, there is no name of the shop in English. The shop is on the ground floor of the Lotteria shop on Takeshita Street. Be careful ordering too much fun >


Open until 22:30 (UTC+7)

ญี่ปุ่น 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingūmae, 1-chōme−8−3, Ishikawa, B1F 竹下通り






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