Methinee Concentrated Soup original recipe Completely delicious

Methinee Concentrated Soup original recipe Completely delicious
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Anyone who loves the line menu The more it is, the more concentrated the soup is, the more you must try! Methinee, a traditional boat noodle restaurant Bang Khun Thian district It’s a small shop There are not many seats. But the customers are the most crowded! He is a real ancient recipe of boat noodles. Inside the restaurant, there will be stewed beef and stewed pork. If anyone likes to eat beef noodles, it is a must try. The hot soup and the delicious meat just cannot be satisfied. Why are you slow? Something like this has to be proven!

Lovers of delicious boat noodles, according to the flour, come to this restaurant, Methinee, ancient boat noodles. Another newly opened restaurant that many people go to try and tell each other that ‘This restaurant has really great meat. Something like this must be tasted. Bang Khun Thian is just in front of the alley. Arrived and waited in line for a bit. Because serious people The shop has not many tables to sit and eat. But there are people who pass by to eat continuously. They used to say that stewed beef was very good. Enkaew is the best! Today, I decided to try it out.

Starting with the first bowl we ordered as Mama Namtok Pork Came to serve at the table, was shocked. Because he was dazzled by the tightness of the machine! The shop is full of stewed pork, fresh pork, large pieces of liver, meat and internal organs. They are well cooked without hardening. With a thick, fragrant soup, we add a little roasted chili. Very bright and satisfying! Likes those who love ancient boat noodles. If anyone doesn’t like spicy flavor, no need to cook more. He was able to do it just right.

Normally, when encountering a soup with a strong flavor like this Pang likes to order plain rice to eat together. The mood is similar to the Kaolao menu. and N Kaew is a thumbs up to ten Pour the soup into it as well, it’s the best. I want to order 10 10 10 more cups, but my stomach can’t handle it, haha.

Methinee, an ancient boat noodle at this restaurant, I think they pay a lot of attention to making all sorts of stewed beef. Because, but the meat that is given to us in the noodles is stewed until soft. Get soft texture, not sticky, no fishy smell. Very enjoyable chewing, the meatballs are made from beef without any starch, and the flavor is intense. If anyone focuses on delicious meat, this restaurant does well as well.

What if I only order noodles? Saw a large piece of pork crackling and dumplings at the next table. immediately feel the urge to eat So we ordered pork crackling + fried dumplings These 2 come with Delighted with pork rinds, large pieces, satisfyingly crispy, every piece eaten can be eaten plain or sprinkled into a bowl to eat together with noodles. Who is afraid of pork crackling, too oily in the mouth? Fried dumplings are also a good choice. They come hot, bite-sized pieces, crunchy, and enjoyable to eat.

I typed it and my saliva flowed. Because I can’t help but want to go back and eat at Methinee restaurant ten more times. Ancient recipes reach the real machine. Concentrated in The more roasted chili peppers are added, the more intense it gets. It is another new restaurant that uses raw materials. And the taste is really good quality. Don’t forget to go down and eat once.

  • Methinee Boat Noodle, Bang Khun Thian (the restaurant is located on Rama 2 Road) at the bus stop)
  • Open daily from 11.00 – 20.00


Open until 19:00 (UTC+7)

MC4H+7MM แขวงแสมดำ เขตบางขุนเทียน กรุงเทพมหานคร 10150






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