Review of Memory House Cafe Sam Phran, a lot of photo corners!

Review of Memory House Cafe Sam Phran, a lot of photo corners!

Memory House Cafe Sampran This shop will go a little deeper into the alley. But the parking lot is quite a lot Coming in, I feel like I’m in a barn, very wide, with grass for walking, chilling and taking pictures. and the back just added a colorful grass garden corner There is a cute bohemian-style picnic kiosk. There are many places to sit and relax. Most people tend to sit by the water. Because there are big trees, peaceful and shady.

Entering the cafe, buy a card before 50 baht / 1 person and use it as a discount on food, drinks, food, both as a set and as a single purchase. But if buying as a set, it will be more economical. You will get 2 glasses of water, 1 appetizer, and 1 cake. The signature of this shop is Nong Mee’s fire-breathing milk tea.

This part is the back zone, just added a corner of the colorful grass garden.

Drinks. If you come as a couple, I recommend a set. It’s worth it. In the form of a powder, it’s set B.

Set A, price 399, reduced to 299 baht
Set B, price 499, reduced to 399 baht

The shop is located in the alley of the Royal Police Cadet Academy, Sam Phran, drive about three kilometers, next to the Tha Chin River. Or can enter another way from Phor Por Ror School (Soi Watdecha) contact number 083-9250900

more atmosphere There are really many photo angles.

? Memory House Cafe Sampran
⏰ Open daily from 09.00-19.00

เมมโมรี่ เฮาส์ คาเฟ่

Closed until 09:00 (UTC+7)

49 ตำบล ยายชา อำเภอสามพราน นครปฐม 73110






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