Mae Klong Fish Head Hot Pot Michelin Guide seafood restaurants in Bangkok that you must try!

Mae Klong Fish Head Hot Pot Michelin Guide seafood restaurants in Bangkok that you must try!
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Mae Klong Fish Head Hot Pot is A nearby seafood restaurant that can tell you that the freshness, sweetness, and quality are complete, like eating at the beach. This shop has also received the Michelin Guide award for 2019-2023. The shop is in Bangkok, around Phran Nok-Phutthamonthon Road. It’s under the U-turn bridge. It’s recommended that you open Maps. It’s the most convenient. The shop has a parking space to support it.

We have been eating at this seafood restaurant since it was the same restaurant at a smaller restaurant than today. Now, they have moved to a new shop, bigger and more spacious than before. Even though there are many queues, the wait is not very long. The queue runs quite fast. The owner of the restaurant will cook every dish by himself. I may have to wait but not very long. Recommended that is going to eat. Maybe allow some time.

This restaurant has another outstanding menu. I have steamed crab eggs in fresh milk. Let me tell you that lovers of crab eggs should not miss it. So I didn’t take a picture to share. But today, I ordered it in complete form as well. So if it’s ready, let’s see.

Stir-Fried Crab with Curry Powder (550 baht) Is a large, soft, fresh, sweet, and delicious loaf. The stir-fried curry powder is intensely flavorful. The eggs are soft and fragrant with curry powder. The flavor is just right, not too strong.

Two grilled river prawns (2,076 baht). This price is calculated by weight. But the powder chooses a large one. When served, I was stunned. It was huge. The meat was fresh, sweet, bouncy, and crunchy. There was a lot of shrimp fat. I was satisfied. The seafood sauce was just perfect.

Crab Cakes (400 baht) The fried ones have about a bit of crab meat. Fried sweet potato has a bouncy, chewy texture. Poured with some sauce, it goes very well together, which does not put crab meat. You can choose as you like.

Deep-fried snapper with fish sauce (400 baht) is a popular menu in the family. Fried perfectly, crispy on the outside, still juicy on the inside. Unfortunately, the fish sauce given is a little too small. But this one may be up to people who like it.

Grilled squid (350 baht), this dish is my favorite too. I don’t usually eat squid. But the thing here is fresh, crunchy, dipping with the peanut sauce from the shop. It goes together very well. I recommend it.

Cha-Om Sour Curry with Egg and Shrimp (350 baht). I like this kind of soup very much. The taste is just right. The acacia eggs come in thick slices.

For those who want to eat fresh seafood, please come by. This restaurant is excellent. But the shop accepts only cash or transfers only. I don’t accept credit cards.


Closed until 11:00 (UTC+7)

198 ถ. พรานนก - พุทธมณฑลสาย 4 แขวงบางพรม เขตตลิ่งชัน กรุงเทพมหานคร 10170






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