Matcha Stand Maruni is a full matcha shop. The green tea neck must hit!

Matcha Stand Maruni is a full matcha shop. The green tea neck must hit!
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Who is a matcha lover like powder? Coming to Japan this time, let’s try to arrange their famous green tea. The shop that Pang brings is famous in Tokyo. Anyone visiting the Tsukiji area must have a glass of sticks on hand. Here is called Matcha Stand Maruni, a famous matcha shop that stands one in terms of concentration!!! The highlight of the shop will be the fragrant matcha latte. Which uses carefully selected premium-grade tea leaves. You can see the tea-making process of the shop. Anyone who is a matcha type must try it once!

Matcha Stand Maruni TOKYO TSUKIJI

If anyone is looking for a good quality green tea shop, Indulge in authentic Japanese matcha. Tell me that you don’t have to overthink. Press the map to find the location of the Matcha Maruni shop name and go straight in! This shop is located in the center of Tsukiji Market. The shop is designed in a clean, minimal style in the outer market zone that is full of many people. With a clean white tone. In front is a bar counter. The barista will make tea for you to see live. And most importantly, it sells out very quickly!

Matcha Cappuccino (HOT)

We arrived very close to closing time. At first, we thought that we wouldn’t eat anymore. But the restaurant is willing to make it again. I’m very impressed. The dough is ordered as a hot and iced Matcha menu. Let’s start with a hot latte. At the shop, they use fresh, beautiful green matcha. Beat until you get a smooth texture Before being served at just the right temperature. You can eat it without fear of scalding your mouth. I can’t wait to try the powder first. Let me tell you that it’s intense and satisfying. Sweet, mellow, and fragrant to the nose. Intense but still soft and smooth

Matcha Stand Maruni TOKYO TSUKIJI Japanese Green Tea Shop Matcha Shop Matcha Cafe

Matcha Latte (Iced)

The next item is the most popular menu in the shop. Matcha Latte (Iced) Concentrated matcha, well-branded until it has a smooth and soft texture. It is topped with cold milk. At this shop, syrup from cane sugar is used. Add a mild aroma to make the green tea menu more mellow. Intense taste, oily aroma. After taking it, it’s very fresh. For those who like green tea that tastes bitter on the tip of the tongue, not too sweet, this restaurant answers the question.

Matcha Stand Maruni TOKYO TSUKIJI Japanese Green Tea Shop Matcha Shop Matcha Cafe


Let’s say you are visiting Japan and looking for a delicious green tea shop in Tokyo. It would be best if you tried it at Matcha Stand Maruni. You secretly whisper that they have matcha powder and tea ceremony tools in the shop. And a set of good quality tea cups for sale as well. You can choose from many types of matcha powder according to your preferences. It is recommended to choose tea until sipping tea with water. Anyone who can speak Japanese can say that it’s delightful. Because the baristas at the shop are very friendly with the customers, let’s talk and enjoy while sipping green tea. Another way to relax. >

Matcha Stand Maruni TOKYO TSUKIJI

Closed until 09:00 (UTC+7)

ญี่ปุ่น 〒104-0045 Tokyo, Chuo City, Tsukiji, 4-chōme−14−18 江戸市ビル 1F






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