Small, big, fresh milk, late-night dessert shop, full menu, great toast!

Small, big, fresh milk, late-night dessert shop, full menu, great toast!
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Everyone! Today, we have a great dessert shop for you with a small, large, fresh milk shop on Banthat Thong Road. Dessert lovers can’t miss this shop. Toast is freshly toasted in front of the shop using a charcoal stove. It smells very good. There are both slices of toast. Eat enough to be cute, crunchy, and toasted like a loaf. Let’s get it full! Which one is a lot of menus, Pang Ping, Pang Steamed, Pang Yen, the atmosphere of the restaurant is classic and there is live music in the evening as well. I need to meet at the milk shop!!!

small, large, fresh milk

If anyone has stopped by Banthat Thong area Don’t forget to visit this shop! Another delicious dessert shop that meets the palate of Banthat Thong residents. The atmosphere comes in a light vintage style. Inside the shop, there are a variety of toast menus. Plenty of drinks to choose from. can eat often without getting bored Most importantly, it’s open late until midnight. Plus listening to live music because What the shop has prepared for you to eat, listen to, enjoy. Today we are going to do it all together again as usual.

Pan Yen Ovaltil Volcano This menu is a big bowl, very full. Many people who go there recommend this menu. Cool and juicy, topped with a tightly blended Ovaltine. with full toppings Including Ovaltine, Oreo and Cornflakes, sweetened with condensed milk. Let me tell you, I’m very impressed! When ready, take a spoon for each person. Scoop up. So excited!

Milk Butter Toast, Nutella and Vanilla Butter Popsicle, these 3 dishes are whole toast. Butter, milk, juicy, very satisfying. The sweet and nutty taste is very pleasing to fat people like us. The Nutella body is very firm. bite any word As for the grilled butter ice cream dish, it was very satisfying. Cut with ice cream to add a light refreshment. The bread here is toasted until hot, lightly charred, and fragrant. After biting, it is soft and not hard. No matter what stuffing you put, you will be satisfied.

Sliced toast Hokkaido fresh milk cream flavor This dish is as juicy as a loaf of bread. thick slices of toast Roast until fragrant, smell of charcoal stove. Good smell of Hokkaido milk. The taste is sweet and good. It was topped in a juicy way. no spare parts We like the menu very much. But if eating alone, it’s secretly a little greasy. recommended to friends Let’s help increase the fat by grabbing each word.

Finished eating dessert together. Let’s set up another sweet drink menu. Iced tea, green tea, milk, ovaltine, volcanic 3 glasses. Let’s get it full. Each glass is a good smell. intense taste sweet enough not too much The Ovaltine will be topped with a heap of Ovaltine powder. Eat alternately with the toasted menu. In an instant, the glass is gone!

Small, big, fresh milk, delicious or not delicious, the shop is full of customers every day. Full menu of desserts that are not allergic to anyone A dessert shop that toast lovers must not miss. Juicy crown, every menu, sweet, pleasing, size too big to resist! Sipping milk softly while listening to live music. Get a healthy hangout feel to many hearts. Anyone who stays late at night can invite friends to come to this shop. Must try.

  • Small and big shop, fresh milk, Banthat Thong Road
  • Open daily from 17.00-24.00

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