Kouragumi Tsukiji, the freshest seafood restaurant It’s like bringing the sea to the shop!

Kouragumi Tsukiji, the freshest seafood restaurant It’s like bringing the sea to the shop!
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Travel from Thailand Fly to Japan Many people think about fresh seafood, right? Because we are one of them! Pang took a walk in the Tsukiji fish market. Wherever you look, you can only see seafood. There are so many raw fish rice bowls that it’s hard to choose. Finally, we went to stop our hunger at Kouragumi, a famous seafood restaurant at Tsukiji Fish Market. There are seafood ingredients, fresh and dry, popular seafood to choose from, grilled fresh and hot in front of the shop. Let’s go inside together!

Kouragumi Tsukiji

Kouragumi Tsukiji is one of the delicious restaurants in the Tsukiji fish market. That has been very popular among tourists—and avid foodies. In front of the restaurant, there are a variety of seafood ingredients to choose from. Whether it is a sizeable Taraba crab, sashimi, eel, salmon, hotate clams, it is also a source of top companions such as uni, ikura, and white shrimp. There is also a menu of various toppings on rice. To choose from. Want to have a variety? I will sit and eat inside the shop. Or repurchase it to eat at home as convenient.

An extensive dough set is mixed with fish, roe, and uni. A large bowl is 2,000 yen (about 514 baht), eel two sticks, 800 yen each (about 205 baht), grilled Taraba crab is 3,000 yen (about 771 baht), and squid is 600 yen ( about 154 baht). Grilled Crab Potatoes 600 yen (about 154 baht) Two people come, but they are complete. There are only good things to eat. Hungry people like us can’t stand it!

Kouragumi Tsukiji seafood restaurant

Let’s start with the don or donburi menu. The dough comes large. This menu is like a center of deliciousness in one bowl. Whether it’s uni or sweet and juicy meat, soften your tongue with every word you eat. Try shoveling bright orange ikura into your mouth. Oh, how fresh it is. Crunchy and very satisfying. Eating them all together is like bringing the sea into your mouth! Very fresh, tasty and good price.

Next comes a large piece of grilled anago eel. Spicy sauce on every fish Served hot to the table, let me tell you that the sauce is very moist. I want you to smell it because it smells perfect. Bite into the tender meat soaked in the sauce. The salty sauce contrasts with the mild sweet taste. Mellow, just right, delicious, enjoy, in a moment, all gone.

The trick about this shop is that you have to do it a bit if you come. That’s grilled taraba crab. Seriously sweet and juicy without any added additives. The crab meat is pulled and comes off. Very fresh. Or Japanese crab fat is an equally delicious, smooth texture, not fishy, fragrant, and so tender that you must cut the carapace!


For anyone looking for a restaurant that gathers fresh Japanese seafood, there are many seats to choose from at this fish market. As for the price, it will not jump too high. Or do not think anything at all at Kouragumi; raw materials from the sea are premium. Fresh like it just came out of the water, Like you can feel the difference. So anyone who comes to Tsukiji market, try to taste seafood here once, and you will be hooked.

Kouragumi Tsukiji 2-goten

Open until 14:00 (UTC+7)

4-chōme-9-4 Tsukiji, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0045 ญี่ปุ่น






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