Korko, Tom Yum Manao Pork Noodles, Nonthaburi, a variety of menus, a combination of deliciousness

Korko, Tom Yum Manao Pork Noodles, Nonthaburi, a variety of menus, a combination of deliciousness
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Those who like tom yum noodles must come to this restaurant. Korko, Tom Yum Manao Pork Noodles in Nonthaburi area. I can tell you that Tom Yum Noodles are really intense and intense!! In which the restaurant will have a menu of noodles, chicken rice, red pork rice, crispy pork. It can be called a combination of delicious dishes. All in one shop Come here to eat a variety of food for sure.

Korko, a great restaurant in Mueang Nonthaburi area that I can tell you that red pork, crispy pork, and noodles should not be missed! This shop is complete with a variety of things. Don’t have to go far Whether it’s a rice line, you can stop by to try it. If asked what menu to order here? Flour, bring noodles tom yum from the shop. Fragrant, fresh lemon, runny boiled egg, red pork – crispy pork. Don’t miss it!

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Let’s start with the first menu at the line. Koko Tom Yum Noodles dried noodles The machine is really tight, everyone. This menu is a menu that includes all pork ingredients. Upgrade with smoked crispy pork. and soft-boiled eggs Red pork, crispy pork, huge pieces, very satisfying, sprinkled with nuts! Definitely like the Tom Yum noodle line.

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water hose must be arranged Tom Yum Manao Noodles, soft noodles, fragrant, dried shrimp smell and Tom Yum Lime The noodle soup has a strong enough flavor. Anyone who likes spicy can add more. The ingredients are not the same. Liver, pork, meatballs, well-boiled, sipped in hot water, served with red pork, soft and firm. Good smell, delicious. Don’t tell anyone.

Anyone who is a fan of rice is recommended to come and try the Khao Ko Go menu, delicious, full of meat, full of meat, suitable for anyone who wants to try many dishes, topped with chicken, crispy pork, crispy chicken, red pork, Chinese sausage, and soft boiled eggs It can be said that this dish is full of rice. The whole machine is full!

The crispy pork from the restaurant tastes as good as any restaurant. smoked in a fragrant way The fragrance is unique. Crunchy skin, crunchy teeth The meat inside is juicy and good. Give a lot without being in the eyes Absolutely worth it

The menu of the restaurant that gathers deliciousness both noodles and rice You can choose the menu as you like. Prices start at only 40 baht. Sai Leng must try!

Nonthaburi people say that they must try Kor Ko, a delicious restaurant that is not only good at noodles. The rice menu is filled with fillings and full value. At the shop, use fresh, clean, good quality ingredients. If you can’t choose whether to eat noodles or rice well I recommend you to come and try both. Soft rice with smooth noodle soup. Don’t forget to follow in the footsteps.

  • Korko Restaurant, Tom Yum Lime Pork Noodles Hainanese chicken rice, red pork rice, crispy pork Korgo
  • Open every day except Monday from 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

ก่อโก้ หมูกรอบรมควัน แยกบางพลู 哥哥 Gorgo

Closed until 06:00 (UTC+7)

86 19 หมู่ 6 ถ. บางกรวย - ไทรน้อย ตำบล บางรักใหญ่ อำเภอบางบัวทอง นนทบุรี 11110






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