Klom Klom by Chef Aek, a charcoal-fired pizza oven in Bang Yai area Delicious, queue for sure across the month.

Klom Klom by Chef Aek, a charcoal-fired pizza oven in Bang Yai area Delicious, queue for sure across the month.
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Do people in Nonthaburi know that There is a delicious restaurant until the light comes out of the mouth to open at Bang Yai! Klom Klom by Chef Aek, the hottest pizza restaurant that gets more than value. It’s the deliciousness from a former 5-star chef. Let friends reserve a table for several days before they can eat! Every time I pass my eyes, I see people in the shop all the time. Can’t help but want to know what’s the trick So we set up a full table.

Klom Klom Restaurant by Chef Aek, a small restaurant with only 4 – 5 tables sitting in Bang Yai area. Opposite Central Westgate It’s a homemade-style Italian restaurant with good taste from Chef Aek. A former 5-star chef turned down to open his own restaurant. Every dish will be made by the chef himself. Really pay attention to every step. Importantly, it’s worth the price. not as expensive as you think You can be sure of deliciousness.

For today’s menu that we ordered. can be called a variety overflowing the table Starting with the first menu that everyone calls out that they come and have to order. Truffle Sauce Pizza This is a great menu. Served fresh and hot, just out of the oven. The face will be cheese. Comes without a vest Top with thick truffle sauce. Lightly fragrant, easy to eat, truffle lovers must hit it!

The next menu is still a pizza menu as always. This one is Bolognese Pizza. This one is very satisfying for meat lovers. The sauce is very concentrated, juicy, stretched cheese, and the flavor is intense. Not greasy, can eat and enjoy

The next menu, let’s cut the pizza a little bit, it’s called Mellow Salad. Anyone who eats it feels a bit greasy. Recommend to order a salad to cut greasy everyone. The salad dressing is slightly sour, crispy fresh vegetables, and comes with grilled shrimp. Topped with balsamic sauce Eat together and it’s really mellow as the name suggests.

The next menu, let’s come to the spaghetti line, everyone. Spaghetti with Truffle Cream This dish is a must try for truffle lovers. Creamy Truffle Sauce The support line is just right. not too messy Topped with crispy garlic bread, this dish is another delicious truffle dish that must be hit.

The truffle line is not finished yet. Came and suggested that this one should be ordered. Fresh Truffle Soup The scent of truffles is alluring and seductive. If ordering this one, the taste is more like a truffle. Served with slices of fresh truffles that make it smell good. This dish is highly recommended.

How are you doing with Klom Klom By Chef Aek? At the restaurant, there are many other menu items. Whole Pesto Spinach Ravioli Spaghetti Carbonara Caesar Salad Who likes homemade pizza? I am a slave to love truffles. If you like Italian style food, don’t miss it. I want everyone to try the chef’s attention to every menu. Most importantly, if anyone wants to eat, you must reserve the queue only. Otherwise be careful!

Mellow By Chef Aek Bangyai, behind Bangyai City Market Opposite Central Westgate
Open daily from 10.00 – 21.00

กลมกล่อม By Chef AKE สาขาบางใหญ่

Closed until 11:00 (UTC+7)

66, 229 หมู่ 6 ถนน หมู่บ้านบางใหญ่ซิตี้ ตำบล เสาธงหิน อำเภอบางใหญ่ นนทบุรี 11140






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