Kitsuneya Tsukiji, the number 1 beef bowl restaurant in Japan’s hearts!

Kitsuneya Tsukiji, the number 1 beef bowl restaurant in Japan’s hearts!
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Coming to the Tsukiji Japanese Fish Market, Tsukiji, I thought I would only eat seafood this time. But tell me it’s not true! Because here there are great restaurants hidden in this market, not seafood, But it’s a beef rice bowl restaurant! Is that it is so delicious that the Japanese call it. It is my heart’s number 1 beef bowl, the most delicious in Tokyo. Whoever comes here, don’t miss it. This shop is called Kitsuneya. Kitsuneya is a famous shop located along the sidewalk. Easy to notice. That is, Japanese people will be waiting in a very long line. The store’s highlight will be a Rice bowl with beef, and beef innards, simmered until fragrant Anyone who has tried it must be impressed.

Kitsuneya Tsukiji

The queue is longer than the seafood, and this is the beef rice bowl. Kitsuneya Beef Bowl is a small shop on the outskirts of the Sikiji fish market. This shop has been open since my grandfather’s generation. Inherited for a long time until now, it’s almost 70 years. There are not many tables in front of the shop to serve. Which time is there a lot of people? We will see around. The shop has people standing and eating all the time. Focus on eating fast, going fast, haha.

Inside we will find a large casserole. You can smell the aroma of various types of soft meat and offal. The highlight here will be the only two menus, namely stewed beef rice. And braised beef giblets on rice

After a long wait, the food came, and it came quickly. We ordered both menus: beef rice bowl for 800 yen (about 204 baht) and beef giblets rice bowl for 900 yen (about 230 baht)—hot beef rice bowl menu. Newly poured from the casserole, the dough is added as a topping, onsen eggs. Looking at the face, I can feel the intensity of the meat.

Braised beef rice comes in the form of stewed beef shredded into strips, pouring the sauce over the rice. Make it not as dry as you think. The taste is salty, sweet, and mellow—the fragrant smell of meat. Eat and enjoy. The restaurant has chili powder for those who want a little spicy taste. But I think eating it is typically succulent.

Kitsuneya Tsukiji, a beef bowl restaurant Stewed Beef Offal on Rice

Another highlight is the horum-don (rice with miso-stewed giblets). The bowl contains a variety of cow giblets—intense color and rich in the sauce. Sprinkle onions to help cut greasy. Add a touch of warmth with onsen eggs. After eating, the texture is soft and chewy. Enjoy chewing. The flavor is more intense than pure meat. Eating with eggs is very good. It’s good! Anyone strung by strings can say that they will like it.

Kitsuneya Tsukiji, a beef bowl restaurant Stewed Beef Offal on Rice


Is anyone looking for a great beef bowl restaurant or exploring a great restaurant in the Tsukiji fish market? Don’t miss out on tasting delicious food at Kitsuneya. Tokyo’s most delicious beef rice bowl is hot Japanese rice, Topped with juicy beef or offal. Top with a soft onsen egg. Let me tell you that it’s incredible and intense. Eat, and you will like it. Don’t forget to try.


Closed until 06:30 (UTC+7)

4-chōme-9-12 Tsukiji, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0045 ญี่ปุ่น






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