Ancient Je Chung Kiam Yi Great restaurant of Charoen Krung, 23 soft, bouncy noodles, mellow soup!

Ancient Je Chung Kiam Yi Great restaurant of Charoen Krung, 23 soft, bouncy noodles, mellow soup!

Everyone, today, Pang comes to please those who love to eat at Charoen Krung area with Je Chung Ancient Kiam Yi Restaurant. This restaurant is very cool. Rumors about deliciousness Here is an ancient recipe. It has been open for more than 30 years. The mood is similar to noodles. In the bowl, there will be kiemyew, minced pork, heart, siang chi bateng and crispy squid. Who hasn’t tried yet?

Ancient Je Chung Kiam Yi Another delicious restaurant in Charoen Krung area where everyone always comes to try and taste it. This restaurant is famous for its traditional Chinese style kei yi recipe. It has been open for more than 30 years, located in an alley behind Leng Nei Yi Temple. Everyone who stopped by to eat would say the same voice that The soup is mellow and fragrant because it is simmered with pork bones until it is sweet and fragrant. The more you eat with their minced pork bateng, it’s good for your heart.

Today we ordered Ancient Kiem Yi Put minced pork with hearts. very tight machine The shop is giving a full model. Fragrant soup, real mellow taste, minced pork is good, soft and plump white knuckle, not at all messy, perfect combination, must come to eaters. Secretly saying that the product is out of wine. I recommend going early.

with the fact that we are the hottest type Therefore, add flavor to the restaurant’s recipe of chili paste. Add a little bit of fish sauce. Sip hot. It’s very smooth after eating. It smells very good! The giblets here are really good, not fishy at all. Full and delicious.

Many people who have never eaten Kiem Ee noodles. You may be wondering what is kiem ei. It is actually a type of rice noodle made from starch. It looks plump, round, like lod chong powder, is white, softer and more sticky.

In fact, there are many delicious restaurants around Charoen Krung area for us to visit! It can be said that it is a legendary delicious food area. Ancient Je Chung Kiam Yi It is another shop that has been told about each other for a long time. Some people eat from childhood until they go to work! No matter when you eat Get the original taste according to the original recipe without changing Anyone who likes this style must try to taste it.

  • Yi Je Chung Ancient Keem Restaurant, Soi Charoen Krung 23
  • Open daily from 08.30-14.30

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Closed until 09:30 (UTC+7)

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