Khun Lek Thaweewattana shop The Legend of Crispy Pork Belly Explosion Awesome restaurant that you should try

Khun Lek Thaweewattana shop The Legend of Crispy Pork Belly Explosion Awesome restaurant that you should try

The crispy pork line must scream! Because Pang saw that everyone was still screaming. It’s very hard to find crispy pork that’s really crispy and good for your heart. Some restaurants have broken teeth, and the skin isn’t fluffy at all! Until I found Khun Lek Taweewattana shop. They say that crispy pork is the best. Crispy skin, soft and juicy meat. Powder doesn’t wait. Hurry up to follow and get it. Let me tell you that it’s very crowded!

Khun Lek Thaweewattana shop A famous crispy pork restaurant in Khlong Thawi Watthana area The shop is not very big, open, comfortable, not crowded. It is another legend that has been called. This crispy pork is delicious! Big pieces, lots of servings. In addition, there is rice with red pork, sun-dried pork, and intensely flavored Chinese noodles. Importantly, it’s not expensive. Starting at only 40 baht per plate.

Khun Lek’s Crispy Pork Belly very round futon see this big piece It was sold out in no time. Customers come and go throughout the day. It can be called the signature Manu of the shop. It has been sold for more than 15 years. I would like to give it a legendary crispy pork rice.

Arrive here and don’t delay. Let’s get it. Crunchy pork. Even though the outside is crispy. But the pork inside is still soft and juicy, not hard at all. I would say that the owner of the shop is very hospitable, polite, good service, friendly to customers. Don’t be afraid that you will swing at all.

Today’s menu order is Special Crispy Pork with Rice The shop’s owner has arranged for every piece of meat to be highlighted with crispy fluffy skin. After eating, I can tell that the first bite is very crispy. solid frame Enjoy chewing. Big pieces of crispy pork, full of mouthful. Juicy, soft, delicious.

In addition to crispy pork, soft texture, fluffy skin. The highlight of the shop is the pouring sauce. Khun Lek’s shop makes a delicious, mellow flavored sauce that’s just right. not too sweet Scoop over the rice in a watery way. Eat with hot steamed rice. One plate. Satisfied. So delicious that I want to double the next dish.

I believe that crispy pork is truly jaw dropping at Khun Lek Taweewattana. Who is a cult of worshiping crispy pork, let me tell you, come try it! very delicious ! Crunchy with fluffy skin. Fragrant mellow with delicious sauce. Even after more than 15 years, the taste is still unchanged. I can guarantee that crispy pork lovers will definitely not be disappointed.

  • Khun Lek Thaweewattana Taweewattana Canal Road
  • Open daily from 06.30-16.00

ข้าวหมูแดงหมูกรอบ​ คุณเล็ก

Open until 16:00 (UTC+7)

ซอย 7/1 แขวงทวีวัฒนา เขตทวีวัฒนา กรุงเทพมหานคร 10170






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