Khun Daeng Vietnamese Noodles of Phra Athit Road, Rich Soup, Pork Sausage, Great Meat!

Khun Daeng Vietnamese Noodles of Phra Athit Road, Rich Soup, Pork Sausage, Great Meat!
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Sai Kuay Jap Yuan lovers follow the powder to this shop. Khun Daeng Vietnamese Noodles Coordinates of Phra Athit Road Let me tell you that this shop is another famous shop in this area. There are many customers, both Thai and foreigners. Anyone who comes to this shop must try. Guay Jub Yuan, hot soup, concentrated and pork sausage, the restaurant’s signature recipe. Pork Vietnamese Sausage Fragrant pepper Delicious, eating, enjoying until it’s all without knowing. known as another Noodle shop who visit Phra Athit Road I couldn’t resist coming to try it.

Khun Daeng Vietnamese Noodles Let me tell you that this name is outstanding. and is famous as the first It is considered the signature of Phra Athit Road. Everyone who comes to this area must come here to try it. The inside of the shop will be eye-catching green. easy to see The best thing to try is the Kuay Jap Yuan menu, made fresh one bowl at a time. The noodles are soft and not sluggish. Rich aromatic soup that sips smoothly With the famous pork sausage! There are 2 types of pork sausage, which are the meat type and the tendon type. What menu will you order today? Let’s see.

Khun Daeng Vietnamese Noodles Phra Athit Road Branch

Let’s start with the first signature menu that must be tried at the restaurant. Vietnamese Noodles with Egg add fried shallots Order to add fried onion. The noodles are soft and chewy, not sluggish because fresh noodles are cooked bowl by bowl. The soup is salty. Very fluent Almost no need to improve at all. fragrant pepper put the machine firmly Paired with cracked eggs, it’s mellow, delicious, and enjoyable to eat.

Coming here, I recommend adding fried shallots. Sprinkle them tightly and tightly and crispyly fried. beautiful yellow The taste is salty and chewy. It’s delicious to eat with anything. Eat together with Kuay Jap Yuan, which is intense nua. must try

Khun Daeng Vietnamese Noodles Phra Athit Road Branch

The next menu is making me drool! Vietnamese Pork Sausage with Black Pepper Beef and N-Feel Bouncing Pork Sausage is delicious. The texture will be firm. The tendons are crunchy. Fragrant smell of black pepper. Dip a little more dipping sauce. I can’t be satisfied!

The next menu we ordered as a side dish is fried spring rolls. The spring rolls are huge. Even after cutting into words, it’s still a big piece. Satisfied, haha. Full of fillings. intense taste Put vermicelli tightly. good smell of shiitake mushrooms Crispy cabbage It has arrived. Must try.

The last dish is Yum Moo Yo. This dish feels very good, let me tell you. Pork Sausage is delicious as usual. When it’s spicy, it’s a tight machine. The spicy taste is pleasing to the taste buds. Love it very much. It is another recommended menu.

called to come here Completely full in one restaurant, really with Khun Daeng Vietnamese Noodles Because there are many menus to choose from. From boiled menus such as Guay Jap Yuan and Yum menus, there are also Thai-style desserts. relentlessly Complete with sweet and savory dishes After arriving, you may have to wait a little in line. Because people are crowded but it’s really delicious, confirmed I believe that this is another popular restaurant among Thai people. and foreigners for over 20 years.

  • Khun Daeng Noodle Shop Yuan Phra Athit Road
  • Open daily from 10.30 – 21.30

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