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Khun Daeng Vietnamese Noodles Phra Athit Road

#Khun Daeng Guay Jub Yuan Phra Athit Road Branch
Jap Yuan with Chewy Noodles Pork Yogurt is very good!

Kuay Jap Yuan lovers follow the dough to this shop. Khun Daeng Noodle Shop Yuan Coordinates of Phra Athit Road Let me tell you that this shop is another famous shop in this area. There are many customers, both Thai and foreigners. As for the recommended menus of the restaurant, it is Vietnamese noodles, fried spring rolls, and pork sausage. There are 2 types of pork sausage, which are beef and tendon. And there is also a menu of Thai-style desserts like Salak Loi Kaew. It can be said that it is complete with sweet and savory dishes. What menu will you order today? Let’s see.

Vietnamese Noodles with Egg add fried shallots Order to add fried onion. Chewy rice noodles The soup is salty. fragrant pepper Full of machines. Enjoy eating very much~

Pork Sausage with Black Pepper Beef and Tendon Meatless feed without starch Bouncing Pork Sausage is delicious. The texture will be firm. The tendons are crunchy. Dip a little more sauce, you won’t be disappointed!

Deep-fried spring rolls, very large pieces of spring rolls. Even if it’s been cut into words already, haha. Full of fillings intense taste It has arrived. Must try.

Spicy Vietnamese Pork Sausage Salad. This dish feels very good. Let me tell you. Pork Sausage is delicious as usual. When brought to spicy salad, full of spices, very spicy, love it very much, it is another recommended menu.

Khun Daeng Noodle Shop Yuan Phra Athit Road
⏰ Open everyday from 10.30-21.30

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