Red pork rice in Suphanburi

Red pork rice in Suphanburi
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Today, I come to spoil the disciples of Khao Moo Daeng – Crispy Pork again with Khao Moo Daeng Suphan Buri. Wongwian Yai area It is another old red pork rice restaurant. Now it’s the 2nd generation. There are rice with red pork, crispy pork and rice with pork legs. The best thing of the shop besides red pork is the ancient recipe! have their own style like no other Intense, sweet, fragrant. Whoever is in this line, don’t miss it!

Suphanburi red pork rice

For anyone who is a real red pork rice fan, you must know this restaurant, an old and delicious restaurant, to tell among the red pork rice lovers. This shop is not in Suphanburi. Located at Wongwian Yai Open for sale early in the morning What’s really cool is the gravy, they have 2 types of gravy, namely the normal sweet gravy. and the old, salty and spicy chili paste recipe Let me tell you that the taste is unique, unlike anywhere else before.

In person, crispy pork It is made with the utmost meticulousness, including boiling, frying and grilling. Complete 3 steps to make crispy pork the most delicious. Red pork will use pork well. smell of charcoal Soft, delicious, not hard. Let’s get 1 plates today.

Red pork rice + crispy pork. Special sauce. Juicy, very satisfying, mom! Good smell, red pork, firmly, 2 types of sauce, perfectly matched. full flavor in one word The gravy here is sweet, salty and a bit spicy, with just the right amount of concentration. It smells like an ancient formula. Pour orange juice into it. It’s delicious. It can solve the greasy.

Come in the red pork section, the protagonist of the shop. Cut into bite size There is a good smell of charcoal stove. Red pork is not dry and crumbly. Soft, delicious, just right. Personally, crispy pork is secreted a little less. but it’s very beautiful The leather is full and crispy. Soft texture. Chew. Enjoy. The restaurant will serve a pair of soft-boiled eggs to eat together. Egg yolks are greasy. The right egg! Let’s say you have to try it.

Completely full and delicious together with the restaurant Suphanburi red pork rice Who doesn’t like greasy sweet sauce? I want you to open your mind to try this restaurant. Rich and delicious gravy Addicted to mild spicy flavor Ancient recipe from Suphan crispy pork is also good Anyone who loves crispy pork is recommended to order a special one. You will be able to eat to your heart’s content. The price is friendly. Starting at only 45 baht per plate, must try!

  • Red pork rice restaurant Suphan Buri near the railway near Wong Wian Yai train station.
  • Open every day except Monday from 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM.


Open until 13:00 (UTC+7)

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