Review of KAZAN, buffet style, premium Japanese restaurant, starting at 890 baht

Review of KAZAN, buffet style, premium Japanese restaurant, starting at 890 baht

KAZAN Premium Japanese Restaurant Located at the Singha Complex Building. Currently, they have a joint promotion with Hungry Hub. If you book through the link below, you can eat buffet style. It can be said that there are more than 50 unlimited menus in 2 hours.

?? The starting price is 890 baht per head ??
Reserve Hungry Hub’s special promotion at this link.
Link :
(If Walk-in or call to reserve, the shop will not accept)

There are more than 50 menus to choose from, such as

Sushi Foie Gras Eel, Chutoro, Otoro, Sea Urchin, Wagyu Beef, Botan Shrimp, Sweet Foie Gras, Engawa, Scallop Mentaiko Sauce, Pickled Saba Topping

Chutoro face, Otoro face
uni face

Sashimi Scallops, Squid, Hamachi, Wasabi Pickles or Mixed Sashimi

scallop sashimi
scallop sashimi

Various rolls such as sea urchin cheese roll, spicy salmon roll, sole fish fin roll, yama vocalno roll, otoro foie gras roll

Sea Urchin Cheese Roll

Salad Silver Fish Salad, Soft Shell Crab Salad, Crispy Salmon Skin Salad

Soft Shell Crab Salad
Soft Shell Crab Salad

Fries: Breaded Shrimp, Fried Squid, Pork Breaded, Mixed Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura

fried squid
fried squid

Assorted rice bowls Sea urchin egg rice Salmon and salmon roe, Wagyu Beef Don, Sashimi Diced Don, Unagi Don

Sea urchin egg rice Salmon and Salmon Roe
Wagyu Beef Rice Bowl
Wagyu Beef Rice Bowl

Soba Tempura Tempura Topping, Beef Topping, Pork Topping, Cold Soba
Tempura udon, beef topping, pork topping, grilled chicken topping, cold inaniwa udon, cold udon

Cold Inaniwa Udon

Grilled food: Hokke, Wagyu beef, salmon, hamachi, eel

Wagyu Beef
Wagyu Beef

There are also Japanese rice, garlic fried rice, hamachi soup, ice cream, and green tea.

Prices are divided into 3 types:

  • 890 baht
  • 1,190 baht
  • 1,690 baht

You can eat for 2 full hours.
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Kazan Japanese Restaurant

Open until 21:00 (UTC+7)

Unit no. 102 1788 ถนน เพชรบุรีตัดใหม่ แขวงบางกะปิ เขตห้วยขวาง กรุงเทพมหานคร 10310






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