Big Bear’s Kitchen Famous ancient Pak Mo rice shop Thin powder, firmly filled, I’m impressed!

Big Bear’s Kitchen Famous ancient Pak Mo rice shop Thin powder, firmly filled, I’m impressed!
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Everyone! Anyone who likes rice crackers must visit this restaurant. Khao Krieab Pak Mo by Mae Bear Yai Kitchen One of the famous restaurants in delivery It is the mouth of the ancient Yuan pot. The dough is so thin that you can see the stuffing filling up. I would say that now they have a front of the shop for you to sit and eat. Let’s eat fresh and hot in front of the stove.

Big Bear’s Kitchen The famous Khao Krieab Pak Mo restaurant that anyone who asks must know. In the past, they would do it as a delivery only. But now it’s time to open the shop for us to go in and taste the deliciousness. from freshly made Vietnamese pot Served with delicious dipping sauce The shop’s special recipe. Today, it’s arranged in a cuk. This event is full until evening!

Start with the first menu. Rice Crackers Pak Mo Original The filling is very tight, soft, thin dough, chewy, satisfying, pouring a little dipping sauce. Squeeze some lemon full of flavor, very good

Sticky and soft rice crackers As the name suggests, this dish is so soft and chewy that it almost melts in your mouth. The transparent powder can be seen. The filling is tight inside. So satisfying!

Crispy rice crackers with mouth-watering omelet rolls This dish will also include an egg. Makes the texture of the dough thicker and softer. Fillings are firm and satisfying as usual. Very good, everyone. Very mellow delicious.

Steamed rice crackers with fried egg The process of making this dish It will be bigger than my friend. It comes out perfectly. The fried egg is full of greasy, topped with a little lemon squeezed sauce. Eating together is good!

Crispy rice crackers eaten hot, very crispy. The minced pork filling is as delicious as it is soft. They stir fry fragrantly and sprinkle with fried shallots. Eat with a pair of great dipping sauces, the taste is quite good.

Crispy Pak Moh Rice Cracker with Egg This dish is crispy and chewy in the same word. Because with eggs It’s one of the menus that customers order a lot. It’s really satisfying for everyone.

Fried spring rolls, Vietnamese recipe, freshly fried, hot, with a unique taste. Dipping with sweet sauce, add peanuts, very delicious, mom!

Pork Sausage, eaten with the mouth of the pot, goes well together.

Big Bear's Kitchen

Khao Krieab Pak Mo by Mae Bear Yai Kitchen Another well-known restaurant that has successfully expanded to the front of the store. Both in terms of taste that is delicious and mellow. And the people who stop by to try it continuously Who is the mouth of the ancient Yuan pot, Pang? Don’t miss out on this shop!

Khao Krieab Pak Mo By Mae Bear Yai Kitchen Opposite Arpha Village 2, Ratchaphruek, Rama 5, Nonthaburi
Open every day except the 1st and 16th of the month from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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