Mae Toi, delicious Chinese dessert restaurant in Bang Khae area Complete with both savory and sweet dishes!

Mae Toi, delicious Chinese dessert restaurant in Bang Khae area Complete with both savory and sweet dishes!
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Hello everyone Today, Pang takes everyone to eat delicious food in Bang Khae area with Mae Toi restaurant. There are green curry with beef, chicken, pork, and fish balls. Fish sauce and other side dishes

Kanom Jeen Mae Toi, a good-tasting Chinese dessert, well-known in Bangkae area. Inside the shop is wide. There is a seat to accommodate customers. Airy and comfortable, not crowded. The best thing is Nam Prik Nam Prik, which is very hard to find, but this place has it too. It’s an original recipe from Mae Klong. It tastes great. Today, we have both savory and sweet dishes. How delicious it is to see!

Rice Noodle Mae Toi

The first menu I tried was Khanom Jeen Green Curry with Chicken, a large dish, full of flavor, intense flavors of green curry, sizzling to the heart, a bit spicy, might be too spicy for those who don’t like spicy food. But let me tell you that the machine is very tight. Chicken feet, put together heavily, pouring water to soak up, Kanom Jeen Green Curry is a must-try for lovers.

Rice Noodles with Crab-Shrimp Chili Paste The liquid is very concentrated. And it’s a menu that is hard to find. After eating, you can smell the aroma of crab and shrimp very clearly. I know that the restaurant selects fresh meat. As for the taste, there will be a thick, thick, sweet taste that children can eat.

Mae Toi Chinese dessert shop

The last menu Anyone who comes to eat at this restaurant must not miss it. Aromatic coconut dessert The dessert menu is the best. The shop is really meticulously made. Freshly made day by day. The filling is very detailed. The dough is soft and soft like you want to beg for life, super smooth, sprinkled with coconut to the fullest, fragrant and delicious, anyone who likes to eat boiled snacks must try it, it’s very good.

The boiled dessert is only available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. I secretly asked why there are only 3 days. The shop said that the rest day is making stuffing. Do it meticulously every step. Confidence in deliciousness

 Mae Toi

If you are a fan of Kanom Jeen Pang, you must try Mae Toi Khanom Jeen, both fresh and fresh noodles. with a variety of liquids that are made day by day Eat with crispy fresh vegetables. I can tell you that it’s delicious. After eating savory food, don’t forget to eat delicious boiled dessert as a dessert too.

  • Kanom Jeen Mae Toi, Soi Sukhaphiban 1, Bang Khae
  • Open every day except Sunday from 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Open until 15:30 (UTC+7)

37 111 ซอย สุขาภิบาล 1 แขวงบางแค เขตบางแค กรุงเทพมหานคร 10160






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