Jok Prince, the legendary deliciousness for over 60 years, guaranteed by Michelin level for 5 consecutive years!

Jok Prince, the legendary deliciousness for over 60 years, guaranteed by Michelin level for 5 consecutive years!
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Everyone! Today, Pang has another porridge shop for you, ‘Joke Prince’, a good product in Bang Rak area. This restaurant has been selling for more than 60 years. Their deliciousness is guaranteed by Michelin award five years in a row. It is an ancient recipe of congee. Cantonese style made using charcoal The smell will smell unique. It can be called a famous street food of Charoen Krung.

Jok Prince, a delicious congee restaurant as well as the legend in Bang Rak area. It is one of Charoen Krung’s most famous congee shops. In the past, the shop was located in a small alley. Now, the shop has been expanded to be open, wide, clean, and more pleasant to sit with only congee that is smooth and soft on the tongue. Use a charcoal grill to create a unique aroma. with large chunks of pork This has made this restaurant a favorite of delicious food in the Charoen Krung area for a long time.

Prince Joke

Today I come to Bang Rak. So come try some deliciousness. Pure Pork Congee + Century Eggs Congee meat is very smooth and detailed. Use fine grits The texture is so smooth that almost no chewing is required. Put a big piece of pork, it’s the best! Comes in a full bowl. I’m so full. Put a little bit of Patongko and crispy noodles. Enjoy eating.

The century eggs that are put in are very soft and chewy. There is no fishy smell at all. It comes out with a soft matum rubber texture. The taste goes well with the congee. Anyone who likes to eat century eggs can say that they are definitely pleased.

Prince Joke

The smell of this shop’s congee is slightly charred. Because the shop uses a charcoal stove to boil porridge. before reheating with a gas stove It has a unique smell like no other. Ready to add a big chunk of minced pork. Made fresh every day mouth full of words

Mixed Soup+Poached Egg+Preserved Egg This bowl comes in a tight set, not focusing on the porridge. Will add a little bit but it’s delicious as well For this menu, they will also put the entrails for you. Big pieces, no fishy smell, soft texture, not hard. Recommended to try.

Who wants to come and taste the deliciousness at the Michelin level for 5 consecutive years? Jok Prince Bang Rak is another street food in Charoen Krung. It’s worth coming to try. and again at 3:00 p.m. until 1:00 p.m. If any day the items are sold out quickly, I will collect the shop first. In the morning there are a few people. Recommended to come in the evening, less people, full, delicious and comfortable.

Joke Prince Bangrak
Open daily from 06.00-13.00 and 15.00-23.00 Both rounds are exhausted before collecting first.

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