Khlong San Porridge Michelin degree guaranteed 4 years in a row, soft texture, big pieces of pork!

Khlong San Porridge Michelin degree guaranteed 4 years in a row, soft texture, big pieces of pork!
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Who would have thought that a porridge shop named in Khlong San, but a porridge restaurant in Khlong San, in Bangkae, would be so delicious that it has a Michelin-star rating guaranteed 4 years in a row! Pang would like to tell you that this porridge shop is another shop that is really good luck. Great tips in Bang Khae area Their deliciousness has been around for years. 2019-Present His porridge is meticulous in every step. Congee texture is smooth and fine. large pork chops Freshly made day by day, the raw materials are so tight! Whether customers or riders come to order continuously.

Khlong San Porridge Restaurant Another delicious porridge restaurant that many people recommend. Must come and arrange it! plus another Michelin award You can’t try this minute. This restaurant is located in front of Suksan Village 6. There are always people waiting in line to eat. But when I saw the menu and the ingredients they put on the bowl without hesitation, I could see why there were so many people. It’s so delicious that I made 2 bowls.

Khlong San Porridge

Pork Congee with Egg Big chunks of minced pork, very tender and bouncy. Chew and enjoy every bite. Fragrant, mild pepper smell. Eat and taste mellow. Soft and smooth congee You don’t even need to improve it. Smooth congee, soft-boiled eggs, full and delicious.

Mixed Congee with Egg This bowl will have minced pork. And the offal. There are 2 types of eggs: soft-boiled eggs and century eggs. Can’t be full! Pork liver, large pieces of offal, not less than minced pork. They blanched to be well cooked. not too hard There’s no bothersome smell either. Eat a pair of porridge meat that is smooth and simmered well. Very enjoyable. Full until evening.

Khlong San Porridge

Khlong San Congee Fragrant smell of rice and bone broth. There is a bit of sticky rice to chew on. It can be said that it is intense, mellow, unique. The highlight is the big bouncy minced pork. What I ate was soft, bouncy, and very fragrant with spices! The price starts at 40 baht only, come and try it.

Porridge Khlong San Suksan Village 6
Open daily from 4:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

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Always Open 24 hours(UTC+7)

742 ซ. กาญจนาภิเษก 5/1 แขวงหลักสอง แขวง บางแค กรุงเทพมหานคร 10169






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