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Porridge Khlong San Suksan Village 6

#Khlongsan porridge, Michelin level, guaranteed 4 consecutive years ⭐️ Porridge texture, smooth and fine. The minced pork pieces are so satisfying!

Today, Pang brought everyone to eat at delicious restaurants again. with Klongsan porridge shop Great tips in Bang Khae area Let me tell you that their deliciousness. Michelin level guaranteed 4 years in a row!✨ From 2019-present His porridge is meticulous in every step. Congee texture is smooth and fine. Large, tender pork chops Made fresh day by day The raw materials are very tight, mom! Whether customers or riders come together continuously. That said, I ordered 2 bowls that were full. Let’s go see

Khlong San Porridge Happy Village 6, turn into the alley for a bit. The shop is on the right hand side.
⏰ Open daily from 4:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

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