Jae Nong Seafood Saphan Yao, a delicious seafood restaurant in the mouth Fresh, direct from Pattaya.

Jae Nong Seafood Saphan Yao, a delicious seafood restaurant in the mouth Fresh, direct from Pattaya.
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Come to the sea How can you eat normal food! For food lovers like us, we have a popular seafood restaurant in Pattaya. Sister Nong Seafood Saphan Yao is not just Saphan Yao. I will say that the queue is very long as well. Waited almost 2 hours. But the taste of each menu is really worth the wait even though the view is not outstanding. But the food is delicious. Focus on it.

Sister Nong Seafood Saphan Yao, a spicy seafood restaurant in Pattaya, Naklua Let me tell you first about this restaurant that even though the views are not outstanding. But the taste of the food tells me to stand one. Long queue all day The food is fresh as if it just came from the sea. Most importantly, the price is friendly. The atmosphere of the shop is comfortable, cool breeze, chilling on the corner by the canal. As for the menu, I ordered many things. Let’s see what will happen next!

Stir Fried Lobster with Chili and Salt The first menu that arrives is spectacular. The big prawns are well prepared. Garlic and chilli stir-fried with spicy flavor sprinkled on the top of the lobster It has a good spicy taste. Eat together with bouncy, juicy lobsters. not too hard Eat with hot steamed rice. Good smell, delicious. Thumbs up.

Menu fried fish with fish sauce The popular menu that anyone who comes to eat at a seafood restaurant must order. This menu, the shop has prepared it in a good size. Deep-fried sea bass, crispy and fragrant with the smell of fish sauce. Garlic Fries Eat and it’s crispy on the outside. Soft on the inside. Fluffy meat is good.

 Je Nong Seafood Saphan Yao

Recommended menu: Stir-fried squid with black sauce This dish is completely black, very intense. The taste is sweet and salty. The squid is soft and chewy. Delicious. The squid is fresh. But after taking it, your teeth will be black and your lips will be a bit dark. We’re having fun, haha.

Steamed Blue Crabs: Steamed blue crabs come in just the right way. not too dry Plus, unwrapped and smashed ready to eat. Easy to unwrap, convenient, super convenient. Eat and the meat will be sweet and juicy. You can feel the freshness of the crab. Dipping with the restaurant’s seafood sauce is excellent.

How are you doing with the shop? Je Nong Seafood Saphan Yao, a local restaurant in Pattaya, Naklua Overall, the seafood is really fresh and the taste is delicious. Suitable for eating as a family, very good atmosphere, not as expensive as you think. But maybe waiting in line for a bit. Anyone who visits Pattaya is recommended to come and try.

Sister Nong Seafood Saphan Yao, Naklua
Open every day except Tuesday from 09.00 – 21.00

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