Jay Jeng Jukai Delicious restaurant should try in Yaowarat area. Soft and chewy dough topped with chopped radish, a great recipe.

Jay Jeng Jukai Delicious restaurant should try in Yaowarat area. Soft and chewy dough topped with chopped radish, a great recipe.
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If anyone is into traditional Chinese desserts, I can tell that you should come to this shop! Jay Jeng Jukai If you like to eat Jui Kuay in flour, I would like to recommend Jay Jeng. It is a legendary restaurant in Yaowarat area. Stir-fried radish in a hot brass pan, fresh all the time. It’s a shopping cart shop at the entrance of Soi Yaowapanich. Secretly saying that it’s gone very quickly. Customers come to buy continuously. No matter how delicious it is, you must try it.

Jay Jeng Jukai Legendary famous restaurant This shop is located at the entrance of Soi Yaowapanich, Yaowarat, can be seen clearly. It’s a street food cart shop. A lot of people eat in the evening. Sometimes if you go late You have to queue up and wait for the shop to open. So we secretly go to wait since the restaurant just arrived. If you are slow, you will miss it.

Jui Kuai or Chinese sweets It is an ancient Chinese dessert. which is hard to find nowadays Rarely found in general This dessert uses fresh, smooth rice flour steamed in the shape of a white pinwheel cup. chewy texture Served with hot toppings, made from minced radish that has been fried until it exudes an appetizing aroma.

Jay Jeng’s restaurant acts like a jerk It’s delicious, soft and chewy. smooth powder Eat a pair of stir-fried radish with mellow flavor. There is a little charred, a little bit crunchy, increasing the intensity with dark soy sauce. Dripping chili paste, orange juice, cut greasy, very delicious. Importantly, the dough is not messy too.

Jay Jeng Jukai Another dessert shop that is hard to find. Who wants to come and taste the rare cup desserts of the Chinese people? At this restaurant, the flour, I can tell you, has the most authentic taste. Soft and sticky dough, mellow radish Anyone passing through this area, don’t forget to come and try.

Jay Jeng Jui Kuay, at the entrance of Soi Yaowapanich, Chinatown
Open every day except Monday from 13.00 – 23.00 (Most closed before because it runs out quickly)


Open until 18:00 (UTC+7)

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