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Jay-Ei Pork Blood Soup, Soi Sakae Ngam 35/3 Rama 2

#JayEiPorkBloodSoup Delicious restaurant at Rama 2 location Crispy Pork Belly Eating lovers, don’t miss this restaurant!

Hello everyone! Today, Pang has a delicious restaurant in Rama 2 area to leave with Jay Ee. Pork Blood Soup Tell me you must try it! Crispy pork is very good The minced pork cubes are equally good. It’s a small shop in Soi Sakae Ngam 35/3. Customers are always stopping by to eat. There will be both pork blood soup and clear soup noodles. Let’s see what menu will we order today?

Jay-Ei Pork Blood Soup, Kaolao Lud Moo, Soi Sakae Ngam 35/3 Rama 2 ⏰ Open everyday from 08.00-14.00 (stop at the sign in front of the shop)

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