Saphan Han Plum Traditional Chinese Noodle Soup The legend of deliciousness since 1956

Saphan Han Plum Traditional Chinese Noodle Soup The legend of deliciousness since 1956

Saphan Han Plum If talking about a legendary restaurant This shop is considered another great legendary shop! Today, bring everyone to eat at another famous restaurant in the legend. Their deliciousness is famous. Both the ancient condensed noodle menu Duck noodles, red pork rice, crispy pork, duck face rice, and bateng rice, there are many different menus. And another cool thing is fresh spring rolls. Today, let’s order a full meal! There will be something according to the powder. Let’s see.

Saphan Han Plum An old shop located alongside Yaowarat It has been open for a long time since 1956. The shop is next to Saphan Han. It’s delicious, I’ll tell you until it’s a favorite restaurant for Sampeng people. This restaurant has almost all menus to choose from, including duck noodles. Noodles in Thick Soup Red pork rice, crispy pork, pork leg rice, steamed rice noodles, and many more, especially bateng rice that is very hard to find!

Starting with the first menu in the legend of deliciousness Ancient condensed rice noodles This restaurant uses a rich flavored broth. Aroma of ancient pepper spices Chewy noodles are not messy. The taste is slightly salty. This restaurant uses a special stewed pork. Stewed until the meat is soft and tender, not sticky at all, and the crispy pork that comes in the bowl is still crispy well. This bowl is delicious and mellow in an old fashioned way.

The next dish, who knows each other? The aroma of spices rises to the nose. This restaurant is focused on spices. Marinate with pork until it’s into the meat. Pork bateng is very tender, not sticky at all, delicious like a meal. Eat with hot steamed rice. It’s just right.

The last menu, anyone who comes to this restaurant must not miss it. Fresh spring rolls. This dish is very appetizing, freshly made! Pour the sauce, rich but still mellow. Sweet and salty at the end, a little bit sour. The dough is thin, not very thick. But the stuffing inside is packed tightly and delicious. Eat with chili, then cut greasy in another way.

How are you doing with the shop? Saphan Han Plum Legend of deliciousness for more than 60 years, unchanging deliciousness The aroma and deliciousness of the ancient recipe of Kuay Jab. Hard-to-find ba-teng Delicious even fresh spring rolls Anyone passing by around Saphan Han would recommend this shop.

Jebuay Saphanhan, Soi Wanit 1, Samphanthawong District Bangkok
Open daily from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

เจ้บ๊วยสะพานหัน 2499 ตำนานก๋วยจั๊บน้ำข้นโบราณ

22 ซอย วานิช 1 แขวงจักรวรรดิ์ เขตสัมพันธวงศ์ กรุงเทพมหานคร 10100






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