Isomaru Suisan, a famous izakaya with fresh seafood, is open all night.

Isomaru Suisan, a famous izakaya with fresh seafood, is open all night.
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Who is looking for a place to sit and hang out this morning? Until the morning of the next day, Let me tell you that I’m on the right track. This time, let’s try some izakaya-style food. Many people come to Japan often. You may be familiar with Isomaru Suisan, a famous izakaya restaurant with over 100 branches across Japan. Reputation can be called famous among foodies. Because here it is open 24 hours a day, with no breaks! The entire Japanese hangout area. Notably, the menu here is second to none—especially seafood Fresh, just out of the water. But, unfortunately, there are not many menus to choose from. So a variety of eating types must be organized.

Isomaru Suisan

Is anyone wondering what an Izakaya-style restaurant is? Izakaya is a Japanese tavern. Or an inexpensive restaurant. There are many food menus to choose from both as a severe eater and as an appetizer to eat simultaneously, ranging from fried, grilled, hot pot, and seafood dishes to sushi and sashimi. The primary purpose of this type of restaurant is to focus on drinking and relaxing after work. Let me tell you that this type of shop can be found a lot. It can be said to be scattered throughout the city ever

Among the many izakaya-style restaurants around Tokyo, Isomaru is very famous among foodies. The restaurant is designed like the concept of Hamayaki, a small fishing village. The restaurant we come to eat at is near the Ameyoko market at UENO. The restaurant is not big, but the inside is crowded and bustling, incredibly late at night. However, I can tell you that I am not lonely. Hang out for a long time. There are people in the shop who sit with me until the morning! Three years ago, we used to have a drink here. At that time, there was a long queue overflowing with the shop. After this year’s COVID, many people are still coming in. But not as tight as last round >

Isomaru Suisan Ueno Izakaya Izakaya japan

Entering the shop, the staff will welcome you to the table. They are secretly saying that this branch has Thai people too. It means that it must be a Thai Kwan Thai restaurant for sure. Before ordering food and drinks, They will bring appetizers to serve us (fish eggs, fish balls to grill and eat crunchy). Then order whatever you want seafood, let me tell you, must have crab oil, must be hit, sushi, sashimi, good things to try

We ordered a lot. Come to Japan for the first day, and let’s do a bit of hard Seafood delivered directly from the sea. Along with another cold drink, I would say come here and don’t forget to try the Kani Miso or Japanese Crab Potatoes menu. Grilled on a hot stove, Topped with steamed rice, and eaten together, it’s very satisfying. Delicious, wealthy, fragrant, oily crab oil lovers must not miss it.

In addition to seafood such as shrimp, shellfish, crab, and fish that are so fresh that they bounce off your teeth. Who is not good at seafood dishes? The restaurant has a menu of sushi and sashimi to choose from. Focus on quality. The taste is as good as the rumors. It’s all about food like this. I believe that it is popular with Japanese people. And real Thai people

Isomaru Suisan Ueno Izakaya Izakaya japan


Isomaru Suisan is another Izakaya-style grill restaurant we would like to tell you about. For anyone who likes seafood, Love the fresh seafood menu, juicy bouncy meat, Or focuses on grilled food with various menus. This shop meets a lot. Most importantly, it’s open 24 hours a day, which makes it always bustling. In the evening, it will be hectic. In addition, more than 100 branches are serving the store. But sitting and eating, it’s warm and fun in another way >

Isomaru Suisan Ueno 6choume

Open until 05:00 (UTC+7)

ญี่ปุ่น 〒110-0005 Tokyo, Taito City, Ueno, 6-chōme−8−13 東京堂ビル 1F






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