Hong Huat Ancient Red Jelly Ice Cream Secrets of the Central Post Office, a legend for over 80 years

Hong Huat Ancient Red Jelly Ice Cream Secrets of the Central Post Office, a legend for over 80 years

Anyone know Hong Huat, the ancient red jelly ice cream? of the Charoen Krung area! An ice cream shop that still maintains the old classic concept. Delicious, original, unchanged fresh coconut milk Intense flavored ice cream, highlighted by quality ingredients. no preservatives It has been around for a long time from generation to generation. Sweet and delicious like this There or the powder will be missed!

Today, Pang goes back to childhood. Bring everyone to eat ice cream at Hong Huat Charoen Krung 43 area opened opposite Bang Rak Central Post Office. It is a legendary shop that has been open for more than 80 years.

Visiting Bang Rak area, don’t forget Hong Huat, the ancient red jelly ice cream. This old but seasoned shop has been passed down for over 4 generations. red jelly jelly Jellies use German stuff. The texture is soft and bouncy like no other. Cooked by myself, not too sweet, made fresh day by day. Eat with ice cream and feel refreshed. Let the vibes go back to the most age.

Ice cream at Hong Huat shop also has a variety of homemade ice cream, including coconut milk, vanilla, coffee, strawberry, chocolate, delicious to enjoy without fear of being fat. Because the raw materials are well selected. The ingredients are made from nature. Get the full intense flavor, as well as a lot of ingredients You can order as you like. The price is not expensive, starting at only 30 baht per cup.

Today is full Order 1 cup mixed coconut milk and another cup Strawberries, coffee, vanilla, followed by chorizo, corn, palm tree, lotus seed, beans, and more flavor than ice cream. Let me tell you, it’s delicious! This is the legendary flavor you’ve been looking for. Ice cream is very fragrant. soft texture Fragrant and fragrant in the mouth. As for the coconut milk, they use real coconut milk, fragrant and sweet, and sweet and sour jackfruit meat inside. Eating with red jelly is very chewy. Not too sweet, it goes well with each other. It’s refreshing to eat.

And the most classic is the “Correll Cup”, a unique ice cream cup of Hong Huat. The shop says it’s a cup that I’ve been using since the store opened. For a period of more than 50-60 years, you can already see that this is a shop. Another legend that the shop would like to keep.

Hong Huat Ancient Red Jelly Ice Cream Who hasn’t tried the taste of deliciousness? Don’t forget to go and eat. Now they are in the 4th generation, and the taste is still as delicious as ever. Eat and feel fresh. It can cool off heat well. Eat and feel satisfied for sure.

Hong Huat Shop, Charoen Krung 43 (the shop is opposite Bang Rak Central Post Office)
Open every day except Sunday from 10.00 – 19.00

ไอศครีม ฮงฮวด ไปรษณีย์กลาง

Always Open 24 hours(UTC+7)

330 ซ. เจริญกรุง 43 แขวงสี่พระยา เขตบางรัก กรุงเทพมหานคร 10500






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