Review: Heng Hoi Tod Chao Lay, giant pan, famous in Charoen Nakhon area

Review: Heng Hoi Tod Chao Lay, giant pan, famous in Charoen Nakhon area
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Fried Oysters Menu A menu that many people like. This menu consists of flour, eggs and oysters. There are 2 types of fried oysters, crispy batter and soft batter. And there are clams to choose from, including oysters and mussels.

As for the fried shellfish shop that today, the powder will take everyone to try it is the shop. Heng Hoi Tod Chao Lay is the best in the Charoen Nakhon area. Let me tell you that you have to try it. This shop is not difficult to find. It is next to the road between the entrance of Soi Charoen Nakhon 17 and 19 and in front of the shop there will be a giant pan towering over there.

really for this shop There are many branches. But today we come to try it at Charoennakorn. Let’s have a look at what’s on the menu.

Allu Wa (100 baht) This menu is their signature menu. I want you to try to order It’s better to call it forced to order. Because this menu is really good. It will be fried shellfish. But the texture of the dough will be crispy below. and the top dough will be soft It makes us feel that it’s easier to eat. and not too greasy Because there are many textures. As for the oysters, let’s give each other in bulk.

The next dish was fried seafood topped with melted cheese (135 baht). Fried seafood topped with cheese on top Seafood will have oysters, mussels, shrimp, squid and crab sticks. It’s not chicken, sister. For cheese lovers, I think this dish will like it.

When eating, no matter what dish Recommended to pour their sauce a little, delicious, a little spicy, which is very good.

The shop has a total of 3 branches.
1. Charoennakorn Soi 17-19
2. Chokchai Soi 4-6
3. The Market, 3rd floor

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