Heng Chun Seng, Chinese Medicine Stewed Beef Noodles An old recipe for over 70 years!

Heng Chun Seng, Chinese Medicine Stewed Beef Noodles An old recipe for over 70 years!
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Beef noodle lover Follow the powder to this shop. Today at Heng Chun Seng, Sunthorn Kosa Road branch. Many people probably already know each other well. He is an old pot noodle restaurant. Traditional recipe for more than 70 years, stewed Chinese medicine, good smell When walking into the restaurant, the smell of stewed beef kicked my nose. People who don’t eat meat can come here. Secretly saying that there are many customers. Arriving at noon is queuing up. But it’s complete in both quality and quantity. I can tell you that you must try it!

Heng Shun Seng

Legendary braised beef noodle shop It has been open for more than 70 years. It is one of the best beef noodle restaurants in Thailand. Old but really cool Whether the taste of hot pot is intense and satisfying Put the ingredients tightly in the pot, stewed with fragrant Chinese medicine spices. It has been simmering for several hours in a charcoal oven. until the stewed meat is soft and tender A true meat lover’s paradise Anyone who hasn’t eaten it will miss it.

The atmosphere at this restaurant says that it is extremely lively. Because there are people who stop by to eat continuously Whether it’s a tourist Or local people, even though there are many people, there are many tables to choose from. Anyone who comes at noon must secretly wait in line for a bit. Let me tell you that the smell of stewed beef is very fragrant. Another thing that we noticed that almost every table is hot pot menu. Whoever joins the gang is recommended! Let’s get a hot pot of delicious meat. Let’s come.

I would say that here they have a very big beef casserole! A pot bigger than a basin Inside the pot was boiling stewed meat. There are all such as stewed beef, stewed pork, tendon, tripe, braised beef, beef tongue, meatballs, and the innards are equally abundant, such as intestines, spleen, liver, heart, stewed with Chinese medicine until it smells good. Guarantee softness and tenderness Whoever is standing in the queue must secretly have a stomach growling.

Beef hot pot with everything + plain rice. I can tell you that it’s very full! The big hot pot that you see here is only 200.-, everyone. It’s boiling hot. It looks delicious. Full of ingredients. complete raw materials First, they will set the pot first, light the fire, then pour the boiling soup over it. Wait a bit for it to smell good and ready to eat.

Heng Chun Seng Beef Noodles beef noodle shop

Let’s start with the soup of the hot pot. Rich flavored soup It has the smell of Chinese medicine, a little sweet, lightly spicy with pepper. Sprinkle fragrant fried garlic. If you don’t eat spicy No need to cook more Feel refreshed! Eat with hot steamed rice. Very full and comfortable.

As for the meat – all the entrails that we put. Let me tell you that I’m the most satisfying. I like the taste of the innards and it’s delicious without the fishy smell. There is a clear smell of meat. Your favorite tripe is soft and crispy. soft crunchy tendon The rotting part is very good. Slowly simmered until it melts in your mouth. Fresh meat is soft and delicious. not sticky Soft and bouncy meatballs with morning glory and bean sprouts For those who like strong flavor, it is recommended to top with the restaurant’s dipping sauce. It’s quite good to cut greasy.

Who is a slave who loves meat dishes? Whether it’s stewed beef, braised meat, fresh meat, don’t miss out on trying Heng Shun Seng. The texture is soft and soft on the real tongue. Anyone who likes sweet and sour soup must hit it! Because a friend has finished drinking one cup I don’t know what special ingredients are put into it. But I think that the restaurant cares about making delicious food. Let us eat something special for sure. Let me tell you that if you come to this area again The powder will definitely repeat this shop!

  • Heng Chun Seng shop On the opposite side of the Port Authority Club, Sunthorn Kosa Road, Khlong Toei
  • Open daily from Monday to Friday from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Saturday – Sunday from 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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