Let’s eat laksa noodles from Heavenly Wang, a famous dish of Singapore!

Let’s eat laksa noodles from Heavenly Wang, a famous dish of Singapore!
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Is there anyone who likes to eat noodles? Give me a hand! Because today Peng takes me to try Singaporean food again at Heavenly Wang in Singapore. It’s convenient and close to the airport too. The menu that we will try today is called Laksa Noodles It is a famous national dish of Singapore. Come here and really try to eat once.

Heavenly Wang, a restaurant for passers-by When traveling in and out of Changi Airport This restaurant has a traditional atmosphere. Classic style decoration There are many menus. The famous breakfast menu different drinks until reaching Laksa noodles Popular menu items in Singapore as well.

 Heavenly Wang Laksa

Many people may not know what a laksa menu is. Laksa or laksa is a Peranakan cultural dish consisting of noodles, fish balls or prawns and bean sprouts served in water. Tom Yum Coconut Milk In some places, chili paste will be served to eat together. The uniqueness of this menu is the noodles that are thick and not very long. Use a spoon to scoop and eat conveniently.

Now the Laksa menu has already arrived at the table. Pang Aeb ordered fried pork rice to eat together as well. Let’s start with Laksa. The soup has a bold color and looks very rich. have a pep As for their lines, they are plump and soft, blending together very well. Overall, it’s delicious. Spicy and spicy people will like it.

The next menu is Chicken Curry Rice. The taste is intense and intense. but not very spicy It’s like having a fusion of curry and massaman. Chicken meat is very tender. decomposed, chewy, delicious There are boiled eggs and rice crackers as appetizers. Eat together and taste good. This meal is full and comfortable before going back.

Laksa Noodles from Heavenly Wang

If anyone has not tried the taste Laksa Noodles Before going back, I recommend you to try eating at this restaurant. The taste is good, not allergic to other places. the amount is just right Give a lot of machines, a variety of menus, or anyone who likes to have a light breakfast. There are coffee and toasts to choose from as you like. I recommend it.

  • Heavenly Wang @ Changi Airport
  • Terminal 3 Arrival Hall
  • Open daily 07.30 – 19.00

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Heavenly Wang @ Changi Airport T1 Transit

Closed until 07:30 (UTC+7)

60 Airport Blvd., Singapore 819665






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