Heap Seng Leong Enjoy a delicious morning with delicious custard dishes. And gopi with butter!

Heap Seng Leong Enjoy a delicious morning with delicious custard dishes. And gopi with butter!
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Today, Pang takes us to try a popular breakfast restaurant among tourists, Heap Seng Leong, which is an old Singaporean breakfast restaurant. This restaurant is outstanding for its custard toast and black coffee with butter. The atmosphere in the shop will look old and old in the style of the owner’s uncle. do everything yourself This is considered a signature breakfast dish for Singaporeans.

Heap Seng Leong, an old-fashioned shop that has been in Singapore since the 1950s or about 70 years. There is an uncle waiting to serve food. This restaurant is considered a favorite among local people here. It’s like a place for people to meet and talk. Sit and sip old-fashioned coffee in the morning, jolly lightly, enjoy. The menu of this restaurant is classic style, hot tea, delicious bread and soft-boiled eggs. And ancient coffee with butter!

A set meal that Dang ordered costs about 4.10 SGD (about 100 baht). The set includes toast, black coffee, and 2 soft-boiled eggs. First of all, I must say that inside the store Uncle does it alone since clearing tables, receiving menus, cooking, billing, etc., so it takes a little time. Let’s start with the bread first. A little crispy bread with orange custard. The mood is like Thai egg custard. It’s a little sweet, but contrasting with the salted butter slices, it’s just perfect.

Next is kopi coffee with butter. Personally, I’ve never had it before, but it looks delicious. Like old-fashioned coffee in Thailand, but not sweet, a little sweet, just the right amount. You get the intense taste of the coffee. When you add butter, it has a nice oily aroma.

Last but not least, 2 soft-boiled eggs, beautiful colors, soft, large bubbles, well-boiled. Suitable for dipping bread into a lot. The breakfast restaurant here usually eats soft-boiled eggs. put his sauce Add a little saltiness. Eat for nothing or dip bread in another delicious way.

for this shop Pang Wa is another restaurant in the morning that everyone always visits and tastes. Not long after sitting, more people came in to eat, focusing more on meeting and discussing life stories. It’s another place that looks simple in the morning. but got quite a bit of warmth Makes another day that Pang feels happy like I can’t tell.

  • Breakfast restaurantHeap Seng Leong
  • Open daily 5:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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Heap Seng Leong

Closed until 05:00 (UTC+7)

10 North Bridge Rd, #01-5109, สิงคโปร์ 190010






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