Gyukatsu Motomura, a juicy grilled gyu-katsu restaurant the celebrity of tokyo

Gyukatsu Motomura, a juicy grilled gyu-katsu restaurant the celebrity of tokyo
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Many may be familiar with “Menu Tonkatsu,” or deep-fried pork cutlet. But, according to most Japanese restaurants, did you know that in Japan, they have a menu like “Gyu Katsu” or batter fried with water? Today we take you to try the Gyukatsu menu at Gyukatsu Motomura. The outside is breaded and fried. Grilled on a hot stone stove Can experience where the outside is crispy and just right. The meat inside is still soft and juicy. So enjoyable that I want to fly back to eat again!

Gyukatsu Motomura

“Gyu Katsu,” or Deep-fried Beef, brings different parts of beef—Soft touch Coated with flour and fried bread crumbs. The outside of the flour is crispy yellow with a beautiful color. The meat inside is not very cooked yet, which is one of the menus that Japanese people like to eat. Nowadays, this menu is so popular that more and more Japanese restaurants come to make it. Gyu Katsu Motomura is a famous Japanese Gyu Katsu restaurant. Who can make this menu so delicious that it’s unbelievable

Gyu Katsu restaurant is Located in the Ueno area. It’s a small and compact shop. The entrance is a little narrow. Inside, there are not many tables to sit at and eat. So make the queue a little long. I can say only one word inside: “Good smell!” The delicious smell of grilled meat, not boasting. Once seated, we ordered a 1-piece beef set for 1,400 yen (about 355 baht). The powder is chosen as Oolong tea.

Gyukatsu Motomura Ueno Tokyo Gyukatsu Japanese Restaurant

The restaurant will serve it with Japanese rice, miso soup, and shredded cabbage. As for the wagyu beef, when you eat it, you have to grill it on the stone stove in front. So get the ripeness you want. As for me, I like the meat to be undercooked, so I sear it lightly for a short time. As a result, it tastes a bit salty. However, the meat inside is still really soft and juicy. It almost melts in your mouth, the equation to wait for!

Although it tastes good without adding more seasoning but would like to recommend a wasabi sign or sprinkling salt into some words, it helps to cut greasy well. After eating, sip on the soup to ease your throat lightly. So happy!

Another favorite of ours is just a personal preference. That’s cabbage!! This way, I like to eat shredded cabbage a lot. So I ordered another set. I didn’t expect to get such a big plate. Let’s say this meal is complete and delicious!

Gyukatsu Motomura Ueno Tokyo Gyukatsu Japanese Restaurant


Anyone who has never come to try the gyu katsu menu, I recommend you try it once at this restaurant. Because they are the original gyu-katsu shop in Japan, The queue is a bit long, but it’s delicious! Just hear the sound of the roast beef on the hot stove. This just made me hungry again. Most importantly, there are many branches all over Tokyo. So you can stop by to eat at the restaurant, whether it’s Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ueno, Osaka, or wherever you see it.

Gyukatsu Motomura Ueno

Open until 23:00 (UTC+7)

ญี่ปุ่น 〒110-0005 Tokyo, Taito City, Ueno, 4-chōme−10−17 手塚ビル2F






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