Chinese Chives Pinto Good stuff at Ton Sak Market, Nonthaburi Crispy fried thin flour, delicious!

Chinese Chives Pinto Good stuff at Ton Sak Market, Nonthaburi Crispy fried thin flour, delicious!

Good, everyone. Today, Pang brought everyone to the shop. Chinese Chives Pinto Location: Ton Sak Market, Nonthaburi. I can tell you that it’s very cool. The chives shop is the coolest! Small but great. Mini size. Come and tell me that you will definitely get a crunchy picture. Come and eat And get a picture to make contents too, by fried chives, both large and thin rectangular pieces. Once fried until the color is beautiful, ready to serve, then cut into triangles. put in a chic box!

Chinese Chives Pinto A chives shop with a cafe-style vibe cute little shop Which no matter what angle you take a photo, it looks good in every mood. This shop doesn’t sell coffee. But it’s the menu of chives, radish, fried taro, and it’s not sold normally. Here, let me tell you that it breaks all the rules of being a Kui Chai. They come in homemade style. make thin dough crispy crispy, lean to the last sheet, not oily, enjoy like crispy pastries

This restaurant doesn’t have only fried chives. There are also fried radish and fried taro. Today we have all 3 things. This one is the signature that the restaurant recommends. Crispy fried chives are very satisfying, haha. Enjoy eating with intense sauce. Eating while it’s hot, it’s good. After it’s cold, it’s still crispy and not hard. Orthodontic eating. Normally, I don’t eat chives much. But this one is delicious, thumbs up.

This fried radish will be a bit sticky. But the radish will secretly have a little bit of bitterness. There is aroma from shiitake mushrooms and nuts. Thin dough with sticky filling. This one will be slightly less crispy than Kui Chives. Recommended to dip a little dipping sauce, it will be better. Radishes lovers will surely appreciate it.

The last menu is fried taro. The deep-fried taro is firmer than the others. It smells good, just like taro. It tastes soft on the tongue. There is a secret mix of nuts to chew crunchy. Delicious, not oily as before It’s good to cut with the chives. If you order the taro and radish menu They also have sweet and sour tamarind sauce served together. It cuts greasy well.

Chinese Chives Pinto Good stuff at Ton Sak Market, Nonthaburi

For anyone who likes to eat fried Kui Chai menu as a life. Recommended to try the Kui Chai Pinto restaurant. Because you will forget eating hard chives! Here is the most torn rule, thin crispy, not oily. The package is cute, easy to carry. Can also be used as a photo prop. Even if it’s fried But in terms of quality, they can be trusted. The oil is crystal clear, always changing, no black. Who wants crunchy contents? Don’t dress up cute to occupy a photo spot.

  • Kui Chai Pinto Shop, Ton Sak Market, Nonthaburi
  • Open daily from 07.00 – 21.00


Open until 20:00 (UTC+7)

ตลาดต้นสัก TONSAK MARKET บางกระสอ เมือง นนทบุรี 11120






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