Sister Noi, the old Saphan Lueang The best of boiled pork blood. Full of ingredients. Full of deliciousness!

Sister Noi, the old Saphan Lueang The best of boiled pork blood. Full of ingredients. Full of deliciousness!
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Hello everyone Who is your favorite person to boil pork blood? Today, Pang has a delicious restaurant for you as usual. with Guay Jap – Kao Lao, pork blood, Jae Noi (the old Saphan Lueang), I can tell that the machine is very tight, very satisfying! At the shop, it’s an old recipe that’s over 80 years old, passed down from generation to generation. Almost everything is homemade. carefully selected Crispy fried garlic, sprinkled in a perfect way. Delicious. Don’t miss it.

Jay Noi (Chao Kao Saphan Lueang) is an old famous restaurant located in Suksan village. The legend of deliciousness that has been together for over 80 years. The highlight of this restaurant that you must try is the crispy pork! This restaurant is said to be very famous. In addition, they also have a pork blood soup menu. and dried boiled rice that taste equally great Put the machine on without stopping. The machine is overflowing with mouthfuls every time you eat.

Start the menu of the first restaurant. Dried boiled rice with crispy pork, add minced pork The bowl is very big and full. Come for 2 people. It’s full until it’s cold. Big pieces of minced pork, crispy pork, crispy, vibrating without fear of broken teeth. Sprinkle a full bowl of fragrant fried garlic. Very good. The soup has a mellow taste. This bowl will cost 100.-. 2 types of pork, packed with 2-3 people.

Sister Noi, the old Saphan Lueang

This menu, powder is presented. Minced Pork Soup + Crispy Pork Belly + Pork Blood The minced pork is very tender, juicy crispy pork, very big pieces of pork blood. mellow broth Which one is very fragrant with the smell of pepper? Full of pepper, very clear nose. If anyone doesn’t like it, I recommend you to tell the seller first. Otherwise it might be too pungent.

This time, I want to eat something spicy so I seasoned it with chili. Add a little spicy flavor Good smell, delicious in another way.

Here, the ingredients are all fresh. At the shop, the raw materials are carefully prepared without any staleness. Pork offal without fishy smell Crispy pork and bouncy pork are made by myself. Guarantee deliciousness.

For those who like to eat boiled pork blood, Jay Noi (the old Saphan Lueang) is another legend of deliciousness that has been around for over 80 years. Yuen Nueng Pork Blood Soup Crispy pork is delicious. Tell me about it. Big bowl. Satisfied. Ready for sure. It’s very heavy! Must try everyone!

  • Guay Jap Restaurant – Pork Blood Soup little sister, old, yellow bridge Suksan Village 5, the shop is before Soi 5.
  • Open every day except Saturday Sunday and Monday from 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

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