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Kluay Khaek, Rama 5 Intersection, Bang Si Thong

#Kluay Khaek Rama 5 Nonthaburi delicious food Michelin guaranteed level The longest queue of customers!

Today, Pang brought everyone here. Kluai Khaek Rama 5 is a fried banana shop where people line up to buy a long line. The queue is long but you can’t wait very long, everyone. They run the queue very quickly. I would say that this restaurant is a level fried banana shop. Michelin guarantees everyone. It has been open for 11 years and is a street food style restaurant. Located along the road, there are many Thai desserts and other desserts for sale!!! Fried bananas are freshly fried all the time. There are fried bananas, fried potatoes, fried taro, and fried quail eggs. Today, let’s get 3 bags.

Kluay Khaek, Rama 5 Intersection, Bang Si Thong
⏰ Open everyday 08.30-16.30

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