Review of Eureka Nitro Coffee Huai Khwang, a cafe that does not have only good drinks

Review of Eureka Nitro Coffee Huai Khwang, a cafe that does not have only good drinks

Eureka Nitro Coffee, a coffee shop that believes that many cafes People should know each other very well. This restaurant has its first branch in Silom. There are only drinks and snacks. And the famous menu is latte with salted egg. And will say that Pang is also a fan of this drink shop as well.

For today, Pang will bring you to taste at the new branch. is the Huai Khwang branch which here will be spacious and added to the food section as well The shop is located in the Mestyle Museum Hotel. The atmosphere inside the shop gives a warm cafe feeling. will sit and eat Or you can sit and chill as well.

Eureka Full Brunch (320 baht) This dish is called Eureka breakfast menu. Let me tell you first that they have breakfast here because the restaurant is in the hotel. This dish is full of deliciousness: scrambled eggs, sausage, smoked salmon, waffles, avocado, side dishes and salad.

Soft Shell Crab Spicy Salad (320 baht) Spicy Soft Shell Crab Salad Salad with crispy fresh vegetables topped with prawn roe. Comes with a whole fried soft shell crab and salad dressing. I can say that it’s very good.

Foie Gras Bite (380 baht) to accompany the foie gras. This menu is called using extreme fusion. I really like this dish very much. is someone who already likes to eat Miang Let’s meet the foie gras that we like together again, it’s good.

Crispy Pork Chili & Garlic Spaghetti (220 baht) Crispy Pork Chili & Garlic Spaghetti. Came with salted egg, salted star. The fried egg is really greasy.

Hotate Truffle Homemade Fettuccine (360 baht) homemade fettuccine with scallops and truffle sauce. This one has a light truffle scent. Scallops are good lines would like

Charlcoal Beef Steak (790 baht) Wagyu Beef Steak with Meat Sauce This one is soft and just right. is not very soft I’m chewing.

Kai Kem Latte (140 baht) Salted Egg Latte is a popular menu and signature menu of the shop.

Hojicha Khao Taen (140 baht) Oh my, this glass is very good, very good. Hojicha is intense and smells good of roasted rice in the form of a pudding. The top item is sprinkled with rice crackers to add crunchiness.

Sakura Yuzu Lemonade (150 baht) This glass is the best in my heart. As I said, Pang is a fan of this drink. It’s this glass. It’s really satisfying. It’s very refreshing to eat. Because it’s sour, a little bit fizzy, and a bit chewy, you really have to try this glass.

Bacon Caramel Latte (180 baht) This mug is a new one, it’s strange because they put bacon in the drink, the coffee is a little strong, to cut off the milkiness of the caramel sauce. And the bacon that was made was good.

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