Review of EBOM, a sandwich shop, menus from Korean dramas

Review of EBOM, a sandwich shop, menus from Korean dramas
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EBOM, a sandwich shop in the heart of Siam Let me tell you that the shop is very cute. After eating, I had to take a photo as well. The shop has many branches. But today, Pang came to Siam Square Soi 3. Today, I would like to serve you a menu from a Korean series. Sandwiches with crispy outer edges and filling inside!

Menu that I tried today

EBOM Signature Sandwich (145 baht) EBOM Bacon Egg Sandwich

Minibites (145 baht) mini egg sandwiches

Kurobuta Bomb Sandwich (399 baht) Kurobuta Bomb Pork Sandwich.

Kurobuta Sandwich (199 baht) Kurobuta pork sandwich.

Lychee Lemon Soda (120 baht) and Fresh Yogurt Frappe (140 baht).

Every piece of sandwich is freshly made. The stuffing here is very firm. Personally, I like the Kurobuta Bomb Sandwich ? It’s a juicy pork with a lot of sauce. A little bit salty and there will be sweetness hidden below Probably prunes like that. Recommended to eat hot. It’s the most delicious. If anyone wants to try it, you can stop by and taste it.

? EBOMB Egg Sandwich & Fries at Siam Square Soi 3
⏰ Open everyday from 09.00 – 23.00

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EBOMB Egg Sandwiches & Fries

Closed until 09:00 (UTC+7)

สยามสแควร์ ซอย 7 แขวงปทุมวัน เขตปทุมวัน กรุงเทพมหานคร 10330






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