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Durianism Cafe’ Samyan

#DurianismCafeSamyan The most popular durian cafe, cafe lovers, durian lovers must come to this shop!

Today, Pang brought everyone to the cafe again. Let me tell you that it’s very popular. It’s a durian cafe ready to serve 365 days. You can eat all year round. minimalist style shop White and yellow tones are so cute. Come to eat delicious food and must definitely take cute photos. in that part of the menu There are many great menus to order. It’s very appetizing, with both durian and non-durian menus. Anyone who doesn’t eat durian can come. Today, I ordered it as usual. Durian lovers like us too. Let’s see what’s coming up.

Durianism Cafe’ Samyan
⏰ Open everyday 10.00-20.00

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