Chilling dog cafe, Dog City Cafe, so cute that you don’t want to go home!

Chilling dog cafe, Dog City Cafe, so cute that you don’t want to go home!

Today, Pang takes everyone to a dog cafe with Dog City Cafe, a chill dog cafe. A lot of dogs! So many species Small and big ones are all available. The atmosphere of the restaurant is comfortable, the dining zone is a cool air-conditioned room with many menus to choose from. Got to play with a cute puppy again! This restaurant can be called complete in one place.

Dog City Cafe Super cute! to bring happiness to everyone who visits Nong For those who visit the shop, it is recommended that before entering the shop, if you want to enter the dog zone as well, you must wear a shoe cover before entering as well. to save myself and my dog too

Entering the shop, you will find the atmosphere in the shop that is spacious, not crowded, the shop is open and airy. The shop will be divided into 2 zones, which are in the air-conditioned room and outside.

In which the zone inside is a small to medium dog breed. There are some big, kind dogs. Some of them will stir up a little bit, which is cute in another way. The dogs are very welcoming and very active. All of them are cute. clean fur He was really well taken care of.

Secretly whispering that at the shop, there is a sign telling the younger’s name as well. The label will tell all species and names. Don’t be afraid that you won’t be able to remember each dog’s name. It is advisable to take a picture of the name tag and keep it. to be able to call the right name, call immediately

in the outer zone Will be a big breed dog, but everyone is kind. Alaskan Malamute very big sister If jumping on it, it would probably knock both the person and the dog down. All dogs are super cute. Anyone who loves dogs is recommended to come here.

Play with the dogs until they’re tired, then let’s recharge some energy. Who would have believed that a dog cafe would have a premium menu like this too! Let me tell you that there is a wide variety of food here. Don’t wait too long to get a big set . Set C Sashimi Mori will consist of 4 full menus. Guarantee that one set will be full and worth it!

Open with Japanese style sashimi set. Including salmon, hamachi, tuna, saba, bouncy fish without crumbles no fishy smell It also came in a very large piece. Especially the salmon sashimi, beautiful pattern, fresh, delicious, satisfied with every piece.

Pork Tonkatsu Menu Large pieces of Japanese-style pork, hot fried, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, not oily. The pork here is juicy. The meat is not too thick, not hard. Eat with the restaurant’s special recipe sauce. It’s perfect. Delicious.

The last two menus will be Salmon Cheese Bomb Roll and black squid spaghetti, wasabi sauce, shrimp roe. Good taste, cooked with intense flavor. Full of deliciousness in every dish. Although the price is a little high, but the powder is worth it. finished eating Continued by playing with the dogs, having fun, very fun.

Dog City Cafe Another shop that Pang recommends that A slave who loves four-legged dogs should not miss it. Here, the youngster’s trend is very cute. So cute that I want to take it home Very playful and friendly. Anyone who is feeling a bit stunned will surely come here and smile. Anybody who is free, let’s go check in. Let’s see.

Dog City Cafe, Sathu Pradit Intersection, Rama 3 Road
Open daily from 10.00 – 22.00

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