red candy tokyo An old shop located in the neighborhood of Thewet. Soft thin dough, fragrant filling, delicious.

red candy tokyo An old shop located in the neighborhood of Thewet. Soft thin dough, fragrant filling, delicious.
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Talking about the name of Tokyo snacks already. It can be said that it is one of my favorite desserts. Just seeing it, I jumped at everyone. miss you so much today So take everyone to eat desserts in Thewet area together. red candy tokyo This shop opens very early. Suitable for the morning when we go to work, we have to stop to buy a crunchy coffee. Buying Tokyo to eat with coffee is good! The shop uses good ingredients, sausage, pandan leaves, various cream fillings. Fresh every day. No stale.

red candy tokyo Street food shop next to the walkway in Thewet area This shop has been open for a long time, almost 10 years. You will see the red Tokyo shop always located at the same place. Most importantly, it opens very early, about 7 o’clock in the morning, it starts to set up a shop ready to sell. Anyone who travels around here will buy each other a box – two boxes all the time.

The shop has a variety of fillings to choose from. There are savory and sweet fillings. Ordered powder to try all flavors. They don’t have sweet fillings, just cream, custard, and taro. They make it by hand. no preservatives From natural ingredients, fresh every day, plus a very cheap price, delicious, pleasing to teenagers and students around here.

Today, I ordered all the stuffing. With so much hunger, including sausages, pandan leaves, cream fillings, and custard, all fillings are juicy! Freshly made, day by day, no backlog because it sells out every day. Thewet people buy them to eat regularly.

When Khun Aunt smeared the flour into the hot pan, I can tell you that it smells great. The smell wafted all over the store. The shop’s powder will be unique. There is a little pancake batter mix. But it’s still lightly crispy like Tokyo flour. Then spread various fillings down. It looks very appetizing when it’s cooked. Then roll up the Tokyo sweets and set aside to be tiny.

It’s time Let’s try it. The best thing they tell me is that both the filling and the powder are very fragrant and soft. Ordered powder, including taro filling, custard, cream, a mellow taste. Small pieces that can be eaten in one bite are just right. The dough is soft and crispy, and the sausages are well made. not powder Absolutely delicious

red candy tokyo Another great restaurant that has been in the Tewet area for a long time. Especially if someone is a Phra Nakhon child. Let me tell you that I know for sure. The filling is a little sweet, mellow aroma, thick and soft, a little crispy. Enjoy eating with morning coffee. It goes well together. Anyone who passes by Thewet market, don’t forget to try it. The restaurant is full of deliciousness.

Red dessert shop Tokyo Thewet
Open every day except Monday time 06.00 – out of stock

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