Review of Crepe Gyoza Giant Roll Half Tokyo and crepe Fillings like a boom!

Review of Crepe Gyoza Giant Roll Half Tokyo and crepe Fillings like a boom!
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Giant Gyoza Crepes Half-Tokyo with crepe, filled with your mother’s fillings like boom! This shop believes that children Mahidol must know each other well. It is considered a very popular restaurant. Because their giant Tokyo is huge, satisfying, and full of fillings. It’s called one piece for sure.

taste of the dough There is a fragrance of powder, soft, sweet, but not greasy. The filling is divided into 3 types, the signature filling. There are as follows.

  • Savory fillings are shrimp with cheese, spinach, salmon salad cheese, mixed pizza.
  • Half meat filling (sweet and savory) is Nutella + bacon cheese, ham, golden threads, mayonnaise (the first store of the shop)
  • Sweet stuffing: chocolate cheese banana, cream (soy cream like bun cream), Foi Thong Mayonnaise 40, (new sweet mix) Banana Foi Thong Mayonnaise Cream.

As for the menu that Pang ordered today

Baked Spinach with Cheese and Bacon (80 baht), the taste of the batter mixed with grilled mo-baked cheese, salty cheese, sweet flour, crunchy spinach, full of spinach and lots of bacon. Very worth the price.

Mixed Pizza (110 baht) really smells like pizza. The fusion is like eating a pizza that has changed the dough to Tokyo dough, sweet and unbelievably perfect. And the machine is very packed, whether it’s ham, crab stick, sausage, bacon or cheese.

Banana Cream with Golden Threads and Mayonnaise

Mainly here, they focus on being full. Their motto is to be full instead of rice. The owner’s aunt is kind. Smile and be friendly with customers. And the first customer of the shop will receive a free pancake (Aunt called Lollipop). The taste is perfect with every filling.

?Giant Crepe Rolls, Mahidol Salaya, Gate 4
⏰ Open every day at 16:00-20:30, if closed, will inform 1 day in advance, normally open every day.

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Closed until 15:30 (UTC+7)

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